Monday, October 09, 2006

Free for Foreigners

Today I lost another hour out of my life... and all because the lady loves Milktray... Well, not really, it's because I had not done any research as to the opening times of either the Montpellier Expo or Ikea, both of which opened at 10am where I had thought they opened at 9am.

First stop the Expo, and a dearth of vehicles in the carpark, and a notice which sent us off to Ikea. There, we waited from 9.15am, with a number of other hopeful Ikeaphiles listening to improving music on France Music. At nearly 10am, we went and found coffee being served which was exactly what we needed, thus alleviating the wait somewhat.

Our Ikea business done, including a reading lamp for my eldest so he can read before he goes to sleep - anything to get him reading... - and we head back to the Expo. By now the carpark is full and we have to park right at the back and have a long walk to the entrance. Great. My shoes are already killing me after yesterday's digging which bruised the ball of my left foot. I hobble through the carpark, pass row upon row of cars, and wonder what all these people are doing not at work. I have an excuse before you say anything. I have an American day off today (can't remember which one though...).

At the entrance kiosks there were queues of people waiting to pay to get in, but we foreigners toddled over to the left to the 'Etranger' and 'Groupe' kiosk, and got in for free because we showed our passports. One of the highlights of the week, that.

There was an Italian theme to the Expo this year, and so the exhibition halls were stuffed with Italian leather goods, kitchen equipment, and food. There was also a display of Ferraris which glowed reddly and expensively. I bought a couple of tee-shirts for the boys. Red, natch, and sold by the Lions Club, so in aid of a good cause; Children in Need, I think.

I made a bigger purchase, too.

I succumbed, finally.

Having looked on Ebay and elsewhere.

A digital piano. Definitely a bigger purchase. But a special Expo price including headphones, seat and delivery. It'll be fun, and I've just about got enough room... I used to play, and would like to play again, if only just messing about. My eldest likes picking out tunes on any available piano he comes across too, so he may decide to have a more serious go.

It's so nice to be able to decide all by myself what I can and cannot buy. Life can be sooo agreeable!

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