Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Point?

I was watching my youngest at his swimming lesson this evening, tea-less, so suffering. He likes me to stay and watch him which I don't mind at all, except that there are no chairs, so I have to lean over a railing in stifling heat hopping from one foot to the other.

I was standing there and you know how you wonder about things sometimes? It came upon me to wonder what was the point of it all - swimming, driving, wearing clothes, working, making an effort and so on. It's all just filling in time before we peg it.

Still, there are more amusing ways to fill in time than others, and I came across one this afternoon. The daughter of a work colleague makes music, and it seems that she is rather good at it. She and her partner won a competition last week - no, not StarAc, but of that ilk. She has a website on MySpace where you can listen to their songs, and I must say it makes very very pleasant listening. It's cool music - atmospheric jazz, sort of...

I was thrilled to see the opportunities that are available now thanks to the internet. Making music and reaching a wide audience is so much easier now than it's ever been before. I suppose I'm a little envious too as it must be very exciting to be young and musical in this day and age. Even I, with my digital piano am benefitting from the electronic possibilities. I can play with the earphones on and make as much racket as I like, and as many mistakes as I like, in whatever instrument sound I like without anyone being any the wiser. Freedom!

Anyway, having wondered what was the point of it all, I decided that maybe there's no particular point, but it's up to all of us to make our own. I'm feeling a little guilty that I'm not being all go-getting and out there making millions. Instead I'm just happy with my peaceful little life without exotic holidays or bling. I don't even care that I don't own my house, but rent. In fact, the idea of owning fills me with a sort of dread at the responsibility and financial bottomless pit that that would entail. So I coast... and it's lovely.

But is it life?


  1. One of the few good things to come out of these messy divorce cases is the way it gives a glimpse of the home-life of the super-rich. I don't know about you, Sarah, but I was surprised - and a bit relieved-to learn that Sir Paul McCartney, now worth I believe a cool £800 million, likes nothing better than to plonk down of an evening in front of the telly. He's done the flash restaurants, nightclubs, private islands whatever, and now appreciates his home comforts. Shame that Heather didn't know her man when she married him. But I expect you've heard the joke: "So what was it that first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels ?"

  2. Oh yes, Sarah, it is life - and enjoy it! Until recently I had a pretty high-powered job and what with getting up at 530am for school, organising the house, shopping (sometimes) and then being a million per cent at work, I suddenly asked myself ... what for? Like you I don't own my house - gave up that lark a couple of years ago, and it's lovely that if anything goes wrong I don't have to worry how much it is going to cost to put it right - added to which I have a landlord who is an absolute sweety!

    Never been into the exotic holiday lark and definitely not into bling, so why do we get so stressed trying to make more and more money ... I love the fact that now I can go and see family and friends in England and in France when I want, go on long walks with the dog on sunny afternoons and go out for lunch without clock watching (my watch has now been relegated to a drawer!).

    So enjoy your life, enjoy your children and don't feel guilty!

  3. That's it, Louise. I'm now enjoying my life and loving watching the children grow up. I did when I was married, but had a very demanding ex-h, so was always being made to feel guilty.
    Life is so peaceful and agreeable now even with the usual kid 'growing pains'.

  4. Waht Louise says is so true. A happy simple life, and makin gthe time to really enjoy one's children whilst tehy are still children is such a gift. Enjoy it. My wife worked out of the home and all that but now's she's home with the kids it's such a treasure, as she puts it, "the toughest job you'll ever love!" I used to work in a high powered design agency. On the outside maybe that's considered "chic" but really, it was soooo not worth it--long, long hours, crazy stress and for not nearly enough pay, let alone no benefits all for the sake of having a glam job. Now my work is more humble, I'm not climbing any corporate ladder and my family is better off for it!


  5. There seems to be no 'have it all' scenario. Either you're working to fulfil professional targets, or you give up on professional success and content yourself with a less demanding regime to spend more time living outside your work. Time away from the family is not necessarily for their best even if it for the best professionally.

    It's up to everyone to find the split which suits them and ignore pressure to own this car, that tele, so they can be personally fulfilled.

    My personal fulfilment centres around bringing up the boys to be happy and well-adjusted in a beautiful place where I love to live. I just have to accept that to do this, I cannot be fulfilled professionally. Oh well, we can't all be winning Nobel prizes or ruling the world!


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