Friday, November 10, 2006

Quick Sick

Never will I go back to Quick, the burger joint.

I had had doubts about going there before we left. I had wanted to go to our favourite Vietnamese restaurant and have nems and some special fried rice, but alas I was outvoted. I'm not sure my eldest, who did not want to eat there actually put the Vietnamese resto option to my youngest and the RA. He said he ate nothing the last time we went there, which I don't think is strictly true. Anyway, he suggested either Jacksonburger or Quick to the others, so we got Quick.

I seem to remember having had a half decent burger there before now, but I made a bad choice this evening. I took a bacon and goat's cheese 'burger'. Imagine my shock when I opened it at the table to see why it was so thin, and saw no burger; just a slice of ham-thin 'bacon' round with a couple of bits of tomato and a bit of goat's cheese. No burger. I was expecting the same to be sitting on a burger!

So the bread was brown and slightly tastier than your normal burger white chemically-enhanced bun, but it did not make up for the disappointment in not having the slightest smidgen of burger in there.

More positively, the frites were fresh, but really not very tasty, and I had a beer to go with it. That stopped me from sinking into a deep depression at least, as I got a tad merry and was able to laugh at the whole catastrophe. To think I actually paid for that as dinner. I must be mad.

The boys, on the other hand, had a lovely time. My eldest had a cheese-less cheeseburger (does that make sense? Why not just call it a burger, bon dieu?), and my youngest had nuggets which I never ever buy so are something of a novelty. The play area was pretty cool and they were given balloons too. I did not buy them a happy-type meal. They only get those on birthdays.

We went out because I could not be bothered to cook. It's Friday, so end of the week and the contents of the fridge were looking unappealing. We don't often go out to dinner, but I've come to realise the signs of me not wanting to cook, and the fact that there's no point fighting it. I just give in and we eat out. It must happen once every 4 months.

Quick, however, is now dead to me.


  1. you been on about food for a while haven't you? LOL

  2. Restaurants have a duty to meet reasonable expectations. If they fail in that, they have no business being in business, if you see what I mean.

  3. Yeah, Tree, I love being surprised and delighted by food and hate being disappointed.

    I was soooo disappointed this evening! They failed me!

  4. Hi Sarah

    Have just come back from looking at Salut!.. You've said again there about wanting to retrain as a profiler (presumably in Criminology). Is it really a 7 year course? Full or part-time ? Why so long I wonder ? The Open University does a BA Degree in Criminology and Psychological Studies.

    That would presumably be a doddle for a graduate like yourself with study skills. OK, so it would need a specialist diploma on top, but how long's that ? Wouldn't need to be more than a year, surely.

    All that talk on Salut! of career changes reminded about the old boy who used to be employed as greeter at my local B&Q. He looked like a real life Santa Claus with his silver beard. You'll never guess what he previously did for a living. He was a lecturer at police college, specialising in criminal profiling ! It's a funny old world.

    He was a character. I remember him telling me what the B&Q manager earned, within the guy's hearing. You should have seen his expression !

  5. Colin, how kind of you to look into the criminology studies. I had seen for profiling, you had to be a top notch psychologist having done a degree in it, then post-grad studies and a PhD. I can't remember where I saw that, but it did rather put me off. I'd be almost retiring as I qualified...!

    As I live in France, I'd have to do French studies, and believe me, that is something I don't want to put myself through. I have mouths to feed and a roof over our heads to maintain.

    No, I should have thought of it much earlier, but thanks for the trouble you went to.

  6. hello Ed:
    My best girldfriend in New York is a top notch Profiler for NYPD


  7. I spent half my life in QUICK on Wednesdays with Eduoard & Gautier, their only choice...Quick, Quick, Quick - and I always had quite nice things if you can actually cope with fast food at all.


  8. NG: the RA told me that after her burger at Quick she felt all bloated which is not the effect with Jacksonburger burgers. It's also ridiculous having to order a cheese-less cheeseburger!

  9. NG: I'd be interested in knowing the studies she took to get there. Not that I am thinking of embarking on such a course, but just out of interest.

  10. I would love to give you her e-mail so that you could chat with her, and explain where you popped up from. I have a lovely photo of her and I on a super diner out in Blois when she came to visit some cousins. She is about your age, and her name is Gaby. She is dashingly pretty with blue blue eyes....and does not look anything like what one imagines a profiler would look like!!!


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