Saturday, December 09, 2006

Plans Awry

I should always be wary of making plans, especially around Christmas. They are invariably scuppered. This is annoying, because free time is a precious commodity when one works full-time, and I tend to have a whole list of things to do, to be executed with military precision, natch...

Today I wanted to make a dash to Norma, then into the centre of town for some Christmas shopping for my folks, then lunch, then taking my eldest to his violin group and doing the Intermarche shop whilst he fiddled away, then a cuppa, then out for another vernissage in the early evening. In the odd spare moment, I would also have to put the ironing away, take the washing out and generally tidy up.

So, what's gone wrong? My youngest is ill. He got up twice in the night complaining of a headache so I dosed him up with paracetamol which helped him get to sleep. He woke up this morning, came in for a snuggle and told me it had come back and was making annoying high-pitched noises in his head. I sent him back to bed, whereupon he puked, and my day's plans lay in ruins amongst the debris.

So, no trip to town, no shopping and we'll see for the vernissage. On the other hand I'll have lots and lots of time for tidying, cleaning and putting the ironing away. Oh joy... We might starve, but at least we'll do it hygienically.


  1. "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. So you'd be wise to keep the paracetamol handy" John Lennon (well, the first sentence, anyway)

  2. Well, on the bright side, and there's always a bright side if you just look hard enough, I'm tidying my bedroom and it's looking a lot brighter.

    I just had to empty the contents of the hoover onto the floor though as I had inadvertently hoovered up a tiny yellow Playmobil necklace which was lurking on the floor under my computer. It's funny how many bits of toys end up in my bedroom actually...

  3. I don't make specific plans anymore either just a loose list of things I'd like to happen.
    Hope your son feels better and, don't forget, the shops may well be open tomorrow. They are here(though it's a long way to come shopping)

  4. Hope you get to the vernissage!

    On the positive side, if you have to get the doctor in, you won't be embarrassed about the pile of ironing, lethal toys in his path and boys' socks in the bed!

    Why do children fall ill on the weekend when call-outs cost a fortune and the 'pharmacie de garde' is the other end of the city?

  5. Well, of course, I didn't get to the vernissage, or do anything else this weekend... Gosh, it feels good to be home!


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