Sunday, January 21, 2007


Hope book-tagged me which, surprisingly enough presented me with some unexpected problems. The idea is to take the nearest book, turn to page 123, go to the fifth line down and write out the next three sentences.

My computer is next to a bookshelf with five shelves so which is the nearest? The first one I took - This Thing of Darkness by Harry Thompson had a blank page with only the words "Part Two" written on it. The next one - Falling Angels by Tracy Chevalier had "April 1906" written on it. I was beginning to suspect a conspiracy. Do pages 123 always have nothing but section separators on them?

I continued my search. Next, I tried "Talk to the Snail" by Stephen Clarke and I struck lucky. Page 123 was full of words. Down to the fifth line and I encountered:
"And not just a token sum but their hourly salary, paid for all the time between jobs. So a film director who makes one feature film a year can get paid full-time at the hourly rate he charged while was making the film. The same goes for everyone else involved, from the actors to the guys who screw together the camera tripods."
So now you know...

Of course, had I chosen a book on classical Arabic poetry written in Arabic, just down the shelf, you wouldn‘t have been any the wiser as to what was written, and neither would I...

So count yourselves lucky!


  1. Interesting discovery! Did you like the book? I read the first one and found it very true to life!

  2. I haven't read it all yet. I was ill on Saturday and spent much of the afternoon in bed. I opened it when I was feeling a little more compos mentis.

    I'm enjoying it so far. :)


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