Monday, January 29, 2007

Dambusters or bust!

Do you find yourself suddenly transported back to your youthful past at the sight, sound, or evocation of something particular?

We were having dinner tonight, and the boys were trying to make their ears wiggle. My youngest is pretty good at this and won hands down. He can't, however, raise one eyebrow. This competition was won by the RA although she was basically competing against herself as no one else could get anywhere near raising the slightest bit of brow despite much contorting of faces.

We then moved onto silly faces and I remembered a game, or rather general silliness from when I was at university. At the sound of a particular word, and I can't remember WHICH word, unfortunately, the assembled group would all put their hands to their faces, upside-down and sing the theme music from the Dambusters whilst swaying to and fro. As the evening wore on, the singing and actions got sillier.

It was all great fun, being very very silly and I remember it fondly. If anyone can remember which word it was that set us off, please let me know!


  1. Sun-lounger ? Beach-towel ?

  2. Though the improvised flying goggles look more First than Second World War.

    Is it who I think it is behind those goggles ?

  3. Don't change the subject, Sarah. We can talk about the exchange rate mechanism another day.

    Thinking of redheads, I've just started on Sue Townsend's "Queen Camilla'. ST's humour just gets more daring and wicked with each new offering. She's moved on, needless to say, from the Blairs to the Royal Family, who we meet in much reduced circumstances, having been banished to a rough, run-down, estate for social undesirables.

    Here verbatim is what she says about the teenaged Chanel, sizing up Prince Harry as a prospect:

    "There were a few contenders .....Prince Harry, who were a right laugh, but were a proper ginga. Chanel didn't mind the ethnicity of a person, or their size or shape.......but she drew the line at gingas. To be a natural redhead was to be a social pariah, a target for the happy slappy gangs who patrolled the streets."

    You presumably don't have to wear a head scarf when you're out shopping in Montpellier, do you Sarah ? At least not yet....

  4. Red? You call that red? What is it with you guys? Don't you know an Autumnal Blush of Burnished Auburn' when you see one?

  5. Have Montpellier hairstylists got Dulux to provide the shade charts these days ?

  6. I think they use the same art & design guy...

  7. No doubt about it - red heads drive them nutty! I'll rush to the hairdressers.....nexyt month. This month it was Mon Jules who got his hair cut and styled - so next time its me!

    Your are of course Automnal Blush - not red...hiccup!


  8. Well red house, red lights, red hair. It's our red letter day.

    I didn't exactly imagine the red hair. But you look about like I imagined you. Attractive and fun.

  9. NB: Mon Jules is a dog!

    Colin: I remember the Carlsberg ads using the bouncing towel. Carlsberg used terrific imagination and humour in their adverts. They should bring out a nostalgic CD for those whose tv watching was actually brightened by watching the ads!

    Richard: thank you! :)

  10. That's rare praise indeed coming from Richard (whose sentiments re your attractive and sunny features I heartily endorse).

    I'm not sure what one does with praise from Orléans - frame it, pickle it, set it in a block of transparent acrylic. Irrespective, consider yourself fortunate. When I put my picture up, unwisely in the aftermath of suffering from days of France's winter gastric bug, he diagnosed a chronic heart problem !

    PS I'm so glad I proof-read what I've just written: "friendly" (as in friendly disposition) was missing its "r".

    Now if only we could persuade Anne Gilbert to post her picture. Or Richard too for that matter.

    I've seen Bill Taylor's on the internet. It speaks of a man with whom one should not tangle with lightly.....

  11. Thank you Colin, for endorsing Richard's sentiments. :)

    Of course, I don't usually look quite as silly as that.

  12. J and I spent a minute ot two last night trying to do that thing with the fingers. We both gave up in despair ! There were dark mutterings about there being someone else in the picture with a matching top, or maybe photoediting, but it's probably "hand yoga" I would guess.

  13. The secret is to catch your chin with your fingers and then place your thumb and first finger over your eyes. You do have to contort your arms somewhat.

  14. Colinb
    It seems to me that I appreciate many things and say it gladly when I recognise excellence.
    But yes, I also comment on mediocrity in life, it is called discernment. It is not the modest achievements of those who are trying their hardest which concern me, but rather the intellectually lazy who try to manipulate and misinform. The cadre of a nation on this planet seem to have adopted the latter as their speciality.

  15. Well, reading those last two comments, I'm faced with a choice between the physically and the mentally taxing. I think I'll stick with Sarah's finger gymnnastics .....

  16. ihtsnCoooo - I didn't imagine you like that! Decided you had dark hair...

    I can do that silly face too - learnt it at school! I think it started with something to do with Snoopy and the Red Baron.

    Poor ColinB not being able to do that - he must definitely get out and about a bit!


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