Thursday, January 11, 2007

Itchy Dusters

Spring has not yet sprung, and yet I am filled with a 'sorting out' bug. I told the boys that the toys they had for Christmas would never fit into their bedroom as it was, and so they had better dig out stuff for the Secours Catholique, or their pressies would stay in the suitcase as there was nowhere else for them to go.

The state of their bedroom floor when I made the announcement had been one of those boy-induced scenes of total mess which usually render me speechless with despair. However, in my super-charged Duracell battery mode, I gathered the reluctant forces, collected big bags for unwanted stuff and giant bags for broken toys and other rubbish.

They drifted about the room making pronouncements on whether they wanted such and such an item, or whether it could be consigned to the bag to make other less fortunate children happy. I filled 4 bags of unwanted toys and 3 bags of broken rubbish, bits of paper, plastic wrappings and generall dross. You'd be amazed at the quantity of sand that was swept up, the number of sweet papers, crumpled paper aeroplanes, dried out felt-tipped pens, broken crappy plastic toys made in China and so on.

I emptied a whole box under the bed and was able, with happy heart, to fill it up with Christmas stuff. Their floor was swept and they noted, with joy, that they would be able to set up the racing set in tubes this weekend in their bedroom rather than in the living room where it was not going to be set up on pain of death!

I have also bagged clothes they have grown out of and clothes I have grown out of. Ahem, clothes I don't want any more... I invited the RA to browse through them just in case, but was not surprised that none suited. Still, you never know.

With the boys' bedroom under my belt, we have since attacked the living room in its post-Christmas state of clutter, my room in its post-UK visit state of suitcased clutter, and the kitchen. I have my sights set on clearing out the garage... this year... well, I don't want to overdo it, now, do I?

I am also eyeing the garden and wondering what to do with my tulip bulbs. It's been such a weird winter I have lost track when I should have sown them out again.

I just hope I don't run out of energy before I finish. Duracell batteries are not rechargeable!


  1. I don't suppose you could bag up some of that energy and send it my way, could you?

  2. Simone just threw all Dominique's junk out of the window, a bit drastic. However, I admire your energy ED, and agree with Angela. Share a bit of it with me...I'm working at fading away! This culminating forcefulness will obviously lead to a great book!


  3. Hiya

    Was pleased to see you feel the same as I do about crap jargon, Sarah, whether it's Ben Schott's, Shane Richmond's or both.

    Re Shane, did you know he's just sent a sharpish memo to his small army of Telly bloggers. I've put a link at the top of my latest post to the story, which was in today's MediaGuardian, and there's some related stuff re the accident-prone Toby H if you go to OrganGrinder in my links.

    An anonymous wasted over an hour of my time yesterday. If you want to play guessing games as to likely identity, I'll happily send you copies of the 3 comments.

    Once again I've had to disable the facility for Anonymous comments, which really pees me off. Some people are so small-minded ....

  4. Colin, I just added another comment to the Shane blog although it probably won't appear until tomorrow saying more-or-less that just because some him piece of jargon becomes common in an enclosed world such as the blogosphere doesn't mean I have to accept it if it is a sweeping piece of crap inaccurate jargon.

    Wonder if they'll print that.


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