Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Last year I went skiing at Mont Aigoual with the boys and we had such a great time that we decided to do it again this year.

Mont Aigoual has a ski resort called Prat Peyrot above the village of l'Esperou which is about an hour and a half from Montpellier. If you're the pretentious type who likes to go where being seen is important, it is not the place for you. On the other hand, if you are not worried by the lack of serious black downhill slopes, because there are none, and don't mind the frankly 'popular' clientele, then it's an extremely agreeable place to ski. Not least, in my book because of the lack of Parisians and most everyone else except for mainly local skiers.

The area is a major cross-country centre, however, with international competitions on black courses and fantastic routes through the woods.

Last year there was loads of snow. This year, only 2 green, 1 blue and 1 red downhill slopes were open, plus the sledging slope. Put off, no doubt, by the dodgy conditions, the place was also a lot emptier. We stayed two nights at La Source hotel again. It has 2-stars and is a simple, Cevenol, family-run business. No internet access, no phones, no tele to speak of, but just 5 minutes from Prat Peyrot. There are no hotels at the ski resort so the nearest spot is l'Esperou where a few hotels and self-catering cottages are scattered amongst ski and sledge rental shops and the odd fooderie.

I'm actually pretty pooped this evening and will write more anon.


  1. You are lucky to be able to pop off for a weekend like that.

    Us 'orrid 'Parisians' are off to the Alps this weekend. Not sure if we'll have much snow... And to think last year it was -10° at the same period...

  2. Have a lovely holiday, Hope! Will you manage to avoid the horrible queues of cars arriving, leaving and being there?

  3. yep! (we're going by train!)


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