Monday, March 26, 2007

Changing Hours

I did not cope well with the time change today. It felt like I got up at 6am and I was thus thick-headed all day. Some might say this was 'situation normal' in which case they'd get a clipped ear.

I took my youngest to school complete with swimming gear. When I asked where to put the bag, I was greeted by gales of laughter. The water classes start after the holidays. Oops. Actually, I'm not sure they are actually going to swim. It seems like a it's going to be a class to get them used to water. As my youngest has been taking swimming classes for the last 18 months, I think I can guarantee that he is well-used to water, in which case, I suppose he'll just be mucking about.

I have to prepare a gouter for the whole class on Thursday. Parents take it in turns to provide for all the children so we are not obliged to find something every day. It's a nifty system, I think, as long as the parent remembers. I did forget on one occasion, and had to dash to the shops to buy fruit, bread and chocolate and deliver it at lunchtime. Last time, I prepared pancakes for all with Nutella or jam in them, and they went down a bomb.

This time, I asked my youngest what he wanted. He told me that normally he doesn't get enough, so, bearing that in mind, I have to provide :
  1. biscuits ('Petit Prince') with vanilla centres (not chocolate ones)
  2. yoghurts
  3. rolls with whatever I wanted inside
  4. jus de myrtille
A teatime fit for a king, wouldn't you say? I had been thinking along the lines of cucumber sandwiches, scones, a homemade cake (on the previous Wednesday afternoon after doing the sports/music run) with a pot of Earl Grey and so on. I expect we'll come to a compromise...

I am not just suffering from the time change, but also an excess of gardening, but the garden is starting to look splendid. I planted some geraniums (pink) after work to keep the mosquitoes away (haha) and threw out (into a box) yet another hundred-weight of stones and pebbles. The soil is incredibly stony. They are not, however, being wasted as I am making a stone path out of all the little buggers so they will turn from being a pain in the seedling butt to a useful member of the garden keeping my feet mud-free. NG is quite upset that I have found a use for them, as she is on a mission to fill her garden with stones. Most people want to get rid of them, but she is making a decorative garden with lots of stones imitating the garrigue. This is to avoid the un-ecological task of watering the garden, or regularly weeding it. Lawns do not do well here.

Tired and aching, then, that's me, but also highly amused by my youngest and his mission to eat a sufficient gouter!

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