Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Take Action

To continue the subject of slavery, while I sympathise with descendents of the slave trade, I feel more concerned with modern day slaves. Descendents of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade are living their own lives, free, and can make their own decisions. They might feel wronged about what happened to their ancestors, but basically, they themselves are not suffering the inhumanity of slavery.

Others, however, are. All over the world, including the West. What can be done? How can a measily little individual achieve anything? Well, alone, individuals can achieve very little, but together, they can achieve much.

Not wanting to leave modern slaves to their fate, I searched the internet to find an organisation which is fighting to combat this inhuman trade. I had not previously heard of Anti-Slavery International, but I am pleased to have discovered this organisation now. On their website can be found information on historical slavery, and also on today's slaves.

More importantly, they encourage individuals to take action with them; to lobby governments, bug MPs, spread the word and join their campaign. Writing a letter to the Vice-President of Sudan will help raise awareness that the world cares about the 14,000 people abducted by the People's Liberation Movement/Army during 20years of civil war. Sending an email to the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the USA, the Honourable Nancy Pelosi, asking her to put pressure on the Sudanese Government concerning this issue will help.

Action by the charity has achieved results such as stopping the abuse of rubber workers in the Belgian Congo and the use of child slaves - Mui Tsai - in Hong Kong. They have achieved results in Niger, Nepal, West Africa and raised awareness among decision makers and the public which has led to increased action to end human trafficking.

The stories we hear from those who escape their enslavement make my blood run cold. I always think 'there but for the grace of God go I'. Those of us who live in freedom must do all we can to help those who do not. Help those who are campaigning to free the world's slaves. Take action.

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