Sunday, April 08, 2007

Something is Wrong

When you dream of running away
You know that something is wrong.

When you dream of changing the locks
You know that something is wrong.

When you imagine throwing stuff out the window
You know that something is wrong.

The wrong is a presence, a squatter, a guest
Who lives in your house, while you do your best
To welcome and love and make feel at home.

When you sit and stare at the sunrise
When you wonder if you want to go home
When that time alone becomes a lifeline
You know that something is wrong.


  1. Uh, uh, more ResidentAdo trouble, by the sound of it.

  2. When you dream of England
    You know that something is wrong.

    When you dream of drinking lager
    You know that something is wrong.

    When you imagine fish and chips
    You know that something is wrong.

    The wrong is a country, a people, a tribe
    Who lives on your continent, while you do your best
    To bring liberté, égalité, and fraternité

    When you sit and stare at the Manche
    When you wonder if you want to go across
    When that time in the tunnel becomes a life
    You know that something is wrong.

    Cheer up you can stay in France.

  3. Ma douce, il n y a jamais vraiment de problèmes - juste des seule problème insurmontable est la mort....pour les autres on trouve toujours le chemin à prendre! Est les "invivables" on apprends seulement à vivre avec.

  4. It's probably scant comfort, Sarah, but out of adversity comes rather good poetry.
    I thought Colin Berry had sworn off personal blogging. Or was that just LAST week?

  5. Have you ever considered summary eviction, Sarah ? Of ResidentAdo that is - who did you think I was referring to ?

  6. easter bunny09/04/2007, 10:15

    Even the Good Lord himself resorted to summary eviction on one occasion
    (Temple, traders).

    It's the nuclear option, maybe, but worth thinking about, all the same.

  7. Colin: how did you guess???!!!!

    Richard: glad to know I'm such a muse for you.

    ng: you're right!

    Bill: thanks!

    wellwisher and easterbunny: don't worry, matters are in hand... but you can't summarily evict a teenager. That's not nice.

  8. easter bunny09/04/2007, 11:16

    And where did the Good Lord acquire his eviction tendencies ? Why, from his Father (think Garden of Eden). And who was responsible for that ? A female, and probably a teenaged one to boot.

    So forget niceness Sarah, unless it's a two-way thing. You don't deserve what she's doing to you.

    Read the Riot Act, and then act if she doesn't listen to reason.

  9. Yeah, "tough love" could be your best option, Sarah. In the long term, it might be best for the troubled teen, too.

  10. I know a bit about how you feel, Sarah...I have recently threatened one of my RAs with eviction - well, two of them because her boyfriend's living here as well. If I remember correctly, though, yours is a step-RA. That's more difficult, I think...alors, courage ma fille...

  11. Thanks Gigi. We already have read the Riot Act, Bill, but basically the house is too small, I'm feeling crowded out and not at peace any more.

    Steps are being taken to resolve the problem thanks to NG's help.

    You can't just throw young people out though. Imagine if it was your own child living in the house of a step-parent.

  12. What a rallying round of all our friendly you know that we all feel deeply involved...I had two ados who drove me nutty, and both of them lived in my home respectively with their "parternaires"...hell (Gigi my heart goes out to you...)

    The big revenge is that those abominables ados become....parents..and then you can laugh yourself silly with the bumph they come out with about bringing up children!!!! And act dumb when asked what you think about it all...and carefully avoid mentioning the way THEY behaved....(causes great aggro does that)


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