Sunday, May 13, 2007

Singin' Pousse Mousse

Does anyone remember the advert:
"Pousse Mousse
Tu pousse et ca mousse
Il n'y a rien plus malin pour se laver les mains"

It's sung to a jaunty tune and as an advert works perfectly because a) you remember the song; and b) you remember the name of the product. How many ads achieve only a) because although they have a catchy look to them, you have no idea what the product was it was trying to sell.

In the car the other day, the boys heard me sing this little ditty and caught the Pousse Mousse bug. They started singing it too, my eldest trying it out in different musical styles: rock, hard rock, rap, goth. It was very funny.

We had been in town participating in a first night (vernissage) for the latest Promo'Arts exhibition. The boys came too because their father had to cancel picking them up for the weekend at the last moment. They behaved very well; did not fall on the buffet like ravening wolves or spill coke, but ate nicely and played quietly with a complicated puzzle I had taken along for that very purpose!

Afterwards we went to fill them up at Quick on the Place de la Comedie. It was quite foul. The smell of the place inside made me wonder if their air conditioning was connected directly to some stagnant water and I feared for Legionnaire's... so the boys ate outside. Their meal looked revolting which means worse than usual for a burger meal and I was glad I had picked sufficiently at the buffet which was absolutely delicious and thus did not need to declare war on my stomach by offering it such crap. We will not be going to that Quick again.

Has anyone else remarked how disappointing the garriguette strawberries are this year? I think they have become mass-produced and their taste has suffered as a result. Shame!


  1. The gariguettes oop north are lovely this year, as usual. Perhaps you have been unlucky to get a few bad batches?

  2. The ones we had the other day tasted off even, and we'd only bought them that morning.

    I wish my garden production amounted to more than the odd one here and there. Maybe next year they'll get their act together!


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