Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Calling all you Parisian Clubbers

Guys, I need your help. I haven't been to a club down here in Montpellier, let alone one in Paris, but I need to know what is the most outrageous Paris nightclub that a couple of aisé 40 somethings would go to on a Saturday night.

I need it for my book, and would love to do the research myself but
  1. clubbing alone when one is a lady is Not On.
  2. I'm not in Paris.
  3. I don't have the financial wherewithal to make repeated dashes up to Paris to find out and anyway, see 1.
NG told me about a club called the Queen Club where drag queens went and behaved provocatively and naughtily, but it doesn't seem to be like that now. The web site is very staid, and just has pictures of 20 somethings in crappy tee-shirts. Has it gone downhill?

All suggestions gratefully received preferably with a description of some sort. You can always email me at dslfr 'at' hotmail dot com.

I know I have readers from Paris and IDF. Hopefully some of you are hardened party animals who can share your thoughts with the likes of provincial ploucs like me.

Ta muchly!


  1. There are several Parisians I've sorely wanted to club, like the one who tried to run me down when the green light at the Place de la Concorde said it was safe to cross the road.

    Even some of the restaurateurs in these parts briefly fantasize at the prospect of becoming Parisian clubbers, but we finally all agree on one thing. The overbearing and obnoxious bad manners of so many Parisians are all down to a local affliction called OSS (Oversized Suppository Syndrome).

  2. The Queen Club used to be quite the scene. There are some "tried and true" sites, such as Les Bains Douches and Castels... I will ask my brother, of the age and ilk, if he can advise.

  3. Thanks Minter! You're not exactly NOT of the age, even if you're beyond the ilk...

  4. Hello there! I am minter's brother and apparently I am suposed to be a aprty monster ! :) well i guess that with a brother like this i donot need a PR :) To be moreefficient I would sugest that you go to a longe first like the barfly for dinner and drinks. It is in the Champs Elysées area. After this you should pass by the bar of the PLaza Athénée for a drink until 1H00. Then the real things starts: I suggest the nightclub SENS on rue de ponthieu. It is great music until 2H30 and then get downstairs to the NEo were things ae getting a lillte wildeer and yonger. At 4H00 you go up the road for a little strip club that turns into an after called Pink Paradise for a last drink. If you are still up for another drink I would suggest the after next door called the madam. I never did to any of these clubs and decline any responsabilities :)

  5. You'll notice that none of the clubs I mentioned are in my brother's version. A true connaisseur vs an old hat. But, for having gone out with him (years ago), that was exactly the sort of voyage we would take in a night. I remember that there used to be a stop for a middle-of-the-night snack on the bottom of rue de Ponthieu.

  6. Dear Sarah, My brother has a good memory and it is true that there was a stop in rue de Ponthieu for a middle o the night snac... but... he might have forot the noise disturbance that we were generating and the poor snack had to close because of its loud customer :)

  7. Thank you for your suggestions, Minter's bro. What do you know of the cabaret Bobin'o? It seems that they have a fab chef now, so dinner is worth eating, and the show is great.

    I noted with interest that Sens Paris restaurant is owned by our own fair Montpellier lads, the Pourcel bros of Jardin des Sens (Compagnie des Comptoirs). I haven't been there to eat either, just provide some classical music entertainment for some clients. Muggins here had to rush off home to deal with ex-hub's father BEFORE dinner grrrrr....!

  8. Oh what a pleasure from Minter & Brother: just as though I was back on the club/drink/fun run again. The Queen,Bains Douches, Castel & Regine's were my day and age haunts. Forgot to tell you about the Plaza dear - but it was also the must then for drinkipoo, and the Inter Continental for breakfast/brunch after to get rid of the clouds in our heads!

    Thank you Minter Brothers, sirs, for a little trot down a memory lane I nearly forgot about....but what fun it was to be young, full of life & peps, and.....branchée!

    Oh well, can't be and have been, can you? Oscar Wilde said it better.....the terrible thing about old age is not getting old, but still being young inspite of it.....

  9. Darlin', I would love to help, but my party animalesque social life for the past 13 years has consisted of playgroup, coffee mornings, playground picnics and cinematographic sorties courtesy of Disney and Pixar....

  10. Sara, About the restaurant of Sens it has a great decoration and branché but I heard that the food was soso ... I never had dinner there. FOr the Cabaret Bobin I do not know and never went so can't tell. A strong advice is to stay in the same area otherwise you are going to have an headache with taxis!
    Good luck

  11. I must say that I am not actually going to be going to any of these places (unfortunately) in person. I need the info for my book (chicklit novel!).

    I think the last soirée I had of that ilk was in 1993 (me, 30)when I was doing my MA in Bristol and went to a student disco with another 'oldie' pal, where they were playing ABBA! We had known them the first time around.

    We felt OLD! :(


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