Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's my party...

For the first time in my life (since childhood, natch), last night I had a birthday party organised for me! The bliss of it!

NG had sent out invitations to my very best pals and invited some new and recent pals, laid out a glamorous table, wine bar and beautifully decorated room. I turned up with the boys and a lovely neighbour from down the road whose birthday had been on Wednesday. She had been intending going on to a disco bash at the beach with her friends after mine, but it had been cancelled because of the rugby match - France v Ireland. The establishment on the beach had decided everyone would be in front of their teles and would not be going out so it wasn't worth opening. I was doubly pleased then, to have invited her.

Everyone came with a bottle and something to eat so there was plenty. The boys watched dvds on my computer on the bed with the son of another friend, and stuffed pizza. I saw pals I hadn't seen in a while. We all have busy lives and when you have children it's often tricky finding time when everyone is free to get together. One of my friends is a keen runner and is often participating in competitions at the weekends - 15/10km races. As a result she's slim and slinky and full of beans.

There were about 13 of us plus the boys so it was a manageable number. I even got some lovely pressies. Last night NG had given me this fabulous painting 'Vagues' which always gives me the impression of having the water crashing down on my head, but I was also given a lovely selection of wearables, smellable/careables for my feet, listenables (MP3), flowers, and the salmon farci that we were all tucking into with such relish.

It's lovely being spoilt like that. I lost my wine glass three times despite not having had that much to drink - certainly less than the previous evening when B had brought round a bottle of Seigneurie de l'ARSE. You can imagine the hilarity and low wit that such a name inspired. Last night I quaffed champagne and a delicious Alsacien white wine.

NG had made a scrumptious coffee cake with divine butter icing and a naught for a candle so I could be any age I chose... I fluffed blowing it out the first time - trying to be clever with a short sharp puff, the candle got the last laugh and didn't go out. Everyone else laughed too! What a wimp - can't even blow out ONE candle! I managed it on the second blow you'll be pleased to hear.

Well, I had a lovely time. Spent much of it laughing, most of it drinking, some of it eating and all of it with pleasure.

Thank you NG!


  1. Hello party Girl!

    Well I don't know who should be saying thank you to whom! I think I should be saying thank you for having such a luvely person to do a swinging party for, and with the help of your pals, getting all your other pals there too.

    They were all so delighted to get together again and chat and laugh, and catch up with all the lost time spent in these so busy lives that young adults now have. Jobs, children, loisirs and all the rest!

    The last souvenir I had before falling asleep was beautiful and cristaline peels of happy laughter of all of you sharing your fabulous sense of humors...and I drifted off to sleep with that wonderfdul sound in my ears, sleeping like a log.

    Of course the incredible amount of good champagne and wine I guzzled down helps sleep too...but seeing you all having such a good time is as good as winning the Loto.

    So dear, I say thank you to you, and to all your super pals who evidently appeciate you so much for making it a memorable evening for me too.

    It may have been your first party...but no way will it be the last! This is just the beginning of a new life.

    I thought your little boys were geniales.... they joined in, were at ease, never any trouble and so delightfully "refined" in their ways with the old lady I am. They are really french they say "bon sang ne saura mentir!! Or - "la pomme ne tombe jamais loin de l'arbre" - or "les chiens ne font pas des chats"!!!

    So until next year dear - HAPPY BIRTHDAY again. A birthday is so very special, becoz it's all your own, and just yours.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sarah ! 21 again ??? How do you do it ? :)

    Congrats, and I can't wait to be able to pre-order the book.

  3. Thank you, Michael!

    21 is not an age I want to be again actually. 30 is a better age. Young but maturer.

    Actually I love the age I am, but it shocks me too. My great-grandmother, at 40, took to her armchair in her widow's weeds and that was it. Never did another thing until her death.

    My ex-husband's grandmother saw a photo of me with a dress that showed my shoulders and said to me, shocked, that after 40 shoulders should be hidden...

    Times change!


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