Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crysse Morrison comes to the Cevennes

My wonderful regular readers to this blog know that I'm writing a chicklit novel. It's at the editing stage actually, and I'm being greatly helped with this by the Chicklit group at WriteWords. Three chapters uploaded and some great comments coming in especially concerning some of the more technical aspects of novel writing - point of view (POV) and show vs tell.

The idea of going on a writing retreat has never really occurred to me until recently when the subject was raised by the WW group. We have never met but we definitely get on well as witnessed by our virtual Christmas party, and I can just imagine us having a laugh wine-tasting/visiting/eating with the odd bit of writing thrown in.

Alternatively there are commercial courses. Being fairly stuck for dosh, this is not something I would probably do, but if someone suddenly decided to chuck money my way, I may opt for a course such as the one being offered by Sharon Black in Gardoussel which is in the Cevennes.

As locations go, this is a stunner, and it's in France with access therefore, to wine-tasting, visiting and eating... Sharon is hosting the writing retreat, but it's being tutored by Crysse Morrison - a published writer (her blog) who is experienced in creative writing workshops. Looks like a great course. Check it out below:

Finding Your Voice in Writing
Cost : £395 / 570€
Dates : Sat 9th – Sat 16th August 2008
Language : English

A workshop for anyone - pure beginner or more experienced writer - who wants to explore their creativity and develop a personal voice in writing.During group sessions we’ll look at all aspects of style and narrative, including using memories, creating characters, describing settings and using dialogue. The emphasis is on enjoyment and fun, and ideas are adaptable to any genre from poetry to novels.

During the morning session from 10am – 1pm, we will do exercises on different aspects of writing, which are usually shared for discussion immediately afterwards. These are all short with a focus on enjoyment, and reading is not compulsory though most participants find it really helpful.

Afternoons are personal time for private work, relaxation, and one-to-one sessions with Crysse, who offers all participants an hour of private discussion during the week - either about work they bring or just to chat about their writing on the course.

Then a twilight session - of about an hour - just before supper as a group, but more relaxed, probably reading and talking rather than writing.

There is also the possibility of occasional after-dinner events, if the groups wants them - for example, 'Desert Island Reads' with people talking about their all-time favorite books, or 'Poetry Please' if anyone wants to read a poem they've brought or written.

Tutor Crysse Morrison is a full-time free-lance writer. Her two novels, 'Frozen Summer' and 'Sleeping in the Sand', were published by Hodder & Stoughton. She also writes short fiction and poetry, and has a regular column in Writing Magazine. Crysse is an experienced and popular creative writing tutor who has led courses throughout the world.

Price includes all course tuition, accommodation and meals. Single rooms may be available, depending on numbers, for a supplement of 100€.


  1. That's very interesting Sarah. I've never been on a writer's retreat - I suppose I'm afraid it would be too arty-farty for me and very intense. I HATE talking about my writing.

    I used subscribe to Writing Magazine and I know of Crysse Morrison...I think she even judged a poem of mine once (favourably :-)).

    I'm on chapter 10 of my book. I'm so lazy - like tonight, I should have either written something or prepared my lessons for tomorrow. What did I do? Surf the net.

    I hate myself.

    Do keep us updated on the novel, eh?

  2. Oh...I can't see your work - it's only available to WW members :-(

  3. I buggered about last night too, Gigi. I meant to write, but didn't...

    Sorry about the WW thing... maybe you'd like to join!! :)

  4. I've never been on one either. I heard they're mostly about casual sex.

  5. (not that there's anything wrong with that)

  6. Indeed! Expat...

    Seems such a singles thing to do. Can you imagine a couple both being interested in writing, and both wanting to go on a writing workshop? Mind you, with the extra you have to pay for being a single, it's a bit more off-putting for the foot-loose and fancy-free...


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