Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Icing on the Cake

Of all the unlikely things I could have done, guess which one I did :
1. Give a complete stranger my phone number.
2. Ring my ex and suggest we make up... (lol)
3. Ice the Christmas cake.
4. Go to the beach for a bracing swim.

Yes, I did of course ice the Christmas cake. The others are way too unlikely...

A little late, I know, but I brought it back from the UK naked, so had to buy some marzipan - no mean task post-Christmas, and then wait for said pink muck (no white left...) to dry out. Actually I can't stand commercial marzipan. It's the almond essence that makes it inedible. One year I made my own with crushed almonds and it was much nicer, but a total bugger to make. As it wasn't that marvellous, I gave it up as an insufficient labour-taste trade-off and decided that I'd buy it from then on.

Funnily enough, I had a call from a friend who helps me eat my Christmas cake every year to enquire whether I had started it. I think she was worried I might have forgotten her needs...

My youngest helped beat the egg whites then left me to it as he was quite tired after running around a footie pitch for two hours and needed sustenance not more effort. I baulked at decorating it with a Christmas scene however. Cleaning the figures after you take them off and practically as soon as they go on at this rate is way too much work. Us working girls...

I thought I'd make some mince pies this weekend to keep the cake company. In between lunch out, going to a local galette des rois party for the children and skiing on Sunday... I was going to take the boys to an ice-hockey match too, but I think that's one activity too much! Another time...

Have I set a world record for the latest Christmas cake icing - Jan 9? Can anyone beat that?


  1. Me...I am 7 years late.......

  2. No, ng, that doesn't count - you don't actually have the CAKE!!!

    But you can have some of mine :)

  3. Happy New Year Sarah...and ng too :-)

    When I was a child, we had a huge Christmas cake and as there were five of us it didn't even last until the end of the week. Now,with my own children, I have had to downsize to a 6" cake because every year, despite the absolute deliciousness of my fruitcake and the wonderfully surreal decorating...I am the only one who ever eats it!

    It's still there on the table, crumbling forlornly like a forgotten monument (and I'm not allowed any now cos I joined WeightWatchers last week). But I just can't imagine Christmas without one.

    Hope your cake is appreciated by your boys.

  4. I think we're likely to set the world record for the latest eating of the Christmas pud. Christmas Day in the kitchen was so competitive that I gave up on it -- so it's sitting around unopened on the counter-top. Maybe around July we'll just eat it to avoid looking at it.

  5. Yes PLEEEESE.....inspite of those terrible 2 kilos snorting on my waist & behind since festive feasting....I just cannot resit a real Christmas Cake...and especially yours which has been tempting me for days!

  6. Thanks Gigi, here's to a great 2008 to you too, losing all the weight you want and keeping it off!

    My boys do like Christmas cake, yes, unfortunately :)

    Yours is going horribly to waste there, wanna send it over???

    My ex used to eat it with cream. Sounds weird until you think that it's practically the same mixture as for Christmas pud!

  7. Well - congratulations, Sarah.

    Because that's the earliest Christmas cake icing I have ever ever seen.


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