Saturday, March 08, 2008


I'm feeling cold from the inside out. This has a lot to do with standing on a footie pitch watching my youngest play/not play for two hours while the temperature fell. I've got dinner on the go though so should be toasting from the inside out soon enough. If that fails, I'll take to my duvet which is looking increasingly inviting as it is.

After the emotional excitement of the day, I'm pooped! I not only watched my hero save ball upon ball in the goal of an unknown pitch, but I spent a ton of money on my new table, chairs and tv stand. Not that I have any of it yet however. As I was NOT in Ikea, I did not break my back carrying heavy boxes, did not stand in a line of 30 grumpy people with wailing small children/arguing bigger children and did not feel compelled to purchase 20 useful items as I traipsed through in search of the tills.

No, I sat at the table I was ordering, on one of chairs I was ordering, signed the order form, paid 30% by credit card and sauntered out. It'll be delivered and assembled which will save me hours of bad temper and enable me to spend more quality time with my lovely children...

By the end of April, my sitting room will be transformed and I will welcome pals to my not so humble abode without the need for poxy excuses about the cheap 'n' cheerful crap that makes my home look like a bad advert for Emmaus ('Let us take away your crap and make it sparky and new for a family in need...').

Overcome with the upgrading in the future general comfort levels of the family, I also got talked into getting a water purification system with Ekeo. We drink tap water which is potable, but full of unfortunate bits and bobs including nitrates, rust, bugs, limescale to name but a few. I spend a fortune on Calgon and stuff to keep my machines going, but of course as the water heater fills with deposits, so it takes more energy to heat and so my heating bill goes up. When we moved in two years ago, I was paying 80Eur per month. I now pay 97Eur.

So Ekeo will install a filter to take out the limescale and an inverse osmoser to purify what's left, then they'll put water saver bits on the taps and shower head and we'll be all set to save the planet and our health - less water use, lower electricity consumption and better quality water to drink. Bingo!

I wonder if it'll reduce wrinkles too...


  1. We're very lucky here in Grenoble. The water is untreated and is naturally filtered through alluvial deposits. I really notice the difference when I drink water elsewhere...

    Now, I am not exaggerating but - if I called Emmaüs to take away my furniture/cooker etc, they would refuse. It all belongs on the tip - and if I had a big enough car, that's where I would take it.

    I keep telling myself I'll buy new stuff when I move. The way things are going, that'll be when I move into a retirement home...

  2. Actually Gigi, you're right. Emmaus don't take crap any longer, so I hear. They only take stuff they don't have to do anything to. Now, what they used to do as far as I know is that they got homeless/jobless people to take the crap and restore it into something saleable.

    It wasn't about profit, it was about helping people and the improved stuff went on sale at low prices to help families in need.

    Now they want nearly new stuff so what happened to giving folks something to do?

    They would also refuse my furniture but I have found an association which removes furniture in any condition and presumably does what Emmaus used to do.

    I'm sure there are a lot of dodgy elements in Emmaus anyway. My ex's grandmother was talked into giving away a whole load of family heirlooms without being able to consult the family first, for a pittance.


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