Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back to Bed

I'm going to be looking forward to bedtime even more than usual soon. Even without a delectable bloke to snuggle up to, I'll be able to have a good sleep thanks to the new mattress I've just ordered.

Modern mattresses are terribly clever. Apparently they have a 'memory' of your body form, and fit themselves snugly around to give you maximum support on all your tender bits. My tenderest bit is my back which is a bit dodgy these days. An X-ray would tell you that disks 4&5 are squished which means I have to be careful and do no major heaving, bending over or careless movements.

I'm not decrepit yet though, and my gloriously comfy mattress will help me stay that way. At the moment I often have to ease myself gently out of bed in the morning having had a task trying to find a comfortable position.

I went to Literieland where a lovely lady who obviously knew what she was talking about and was not a temporary sulky Saturday teen gave me the low down on mattresses. I couldn't really repeat anything that she said here because it went in long enough to understand which beds I should try and then just took off again having served its brief but important purpose.

I told her I had back trouble and she asked me whether I had a husband who perspired a lot. I told her 'no husband', with glee, and she agreed that it wasn't any worse like that and she didn't have one either. I told her my mattress-buying was going to be a completely selfish purchase and she said something like 'atta girl!'

She got me to try one mattress but it was a tad hard. I'm not very heavy - around 52kg - so I needed something a bit softer. I tried a latex one which, I suppose, when it's had its day, I could always melt down and turn into trousers... and it was just perfect.

I remember going to Ikea and having a look at their beds. The place wasn't exactly heaving, but it was going to take a long time learning about the advantages and disadvantages of the many types they stocked and the sales staff all seemed to be entrenched in their computers.

The lady in Literieland was experienced in the selling of mattresses and knew pretty well what I needed and could tell from my face whether what I was lying on was right or not. I tried six mattresses in all, but it was the second one that was perfect. It does so help having competent sales-staff!

So she got a sale - more than I wanted to spend - but at around 730Eur I reckon my back is worth every Euro cent!

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  1. Here, here. A good mattress is happy using 8 hours a day - and more useful that the samrtest jewellery or clothes from "grande maisons"!!!
    Welcome to hibernation land!!!


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