Saturday, May 31, 2008


I braved Carrefour this morning for my weekly shop. Despite my good intentions of getting out early, I in fact lazed about in bed until 8.30 and then realised it was too late to get out early. So I revised my schedule in a southerly direction to 'quite' early.

This I achieved, and was tottering around Carrouf by about 9.45am. You may wonder why I was keen to get out, and my rather anal notings of times. It's because Carrouf becomes your worst nightmare after about 10.30am so if you've any hope of retaining a semblance of humour for the rest of the day, it's best to get in and out ASAP.

To my horror, I saw that they'd been rearranging the shop. I loathe it when they do that because you can never find anything, and they hope you'll pick up extra bits and bobs on your way round looking for the stuff on your list. I make a point of not doing this because if there's one thing I can't stand, it's blatant commercial manipulation.

I had however, lost the eggs, and had to ask. A passing thought that he might give me a GPS coordinate was not that excessive. Not only have they been moving things around, but they've been squashing the aisles together. It seems that some work is under way in the middle of the shop, so to compensate, they've gone all budget airlines on us and reduced the legroom. It meant that you had to wait at the end of an aisle for the people coming the other way to get to the end because two trolleys could not pass one another.

I could imagine that tempers would become a little frayed after 10.30...

When I came out to go back to my car, fisticuffs threatened over parking spaces so I was glad to be getting out of there. I drove smugly back home only to remember that I hadn't bought any coffee (instant) and I was clean out. Bugger. That wiped the smile off my face!


  1. No coffee? I'd crack open a bottle after that experience. And I thought Tesco on a Saturday morning was bad!

  2. WM, that would have been a fine idea except it was only elevenish and I had to get ready to go out to a big work thing where turning up pie-eyed would have gone down like a lead balloon.

    I made up for it yesterday though. :)

  3. I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE wonder there's never any food in the house.

    I've only got Saturdays to do my shopping, or late Wednesday afternoons - so I usually end up nipping out to the local Spar most evenings after work. Not very economical moneywise or timewise. But MUCH less stressful!


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