Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Was anyone at the Sex & the City movie premiere last night? Not me. This is not surprising for the following reasons:
  1. I am a little-known non-celebrity and thus on no one's invitation list.
  2. I didn't have a television when it was on so only caught the last three episodes of the final series.
  3. I can't name the four women.
  4. When I did see it I wondered why Carrie wore a visible bra on dresses that needed an invisible one, or no bra so I'm obviously a hopeless fashion-nul.
So, I have a fairly tepid interest in the movie, but am wondering why the film distributors chose London to have the premiere and then get all the journalists and guests to promise not to talk about the plot. How stupid is that?

One has to put it down to a cynical publicity stunt. The obvious place to hold the premiere is New York, so not to hold it there guaranteed much chattering, discussion and free publicity. The second annoying aspect about this choice was then to ask all the journalists not to write about the plot which makes me wonder why they were invited at all if all they could expect to write about was Carrie's hat and what make of shoes the women wore. The guests were also asked to hug the super top secret to themselves for all of two weeks so as not to spoil the surprise for the Yanks. Awww diddums.

I ask you. We're talking about a movie plot here, not plans to throw the Chinese out of Tibet. I had a look at the Sun's website, the Sun never being one to hold back at the chance of a few hundred thousand extra sales, and even they revealed nothing. Even the Sun's movie reviewer trotted out the same pointless crap about shoes and guest lists and chick-appeal. Yawn.

It's a good thing I didn't get invited. I'd have told all to the highest bidder!

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  1. So with you on this, why do film screenings get so much coverage nowadays?

    Even the BBC are doing it as yesterday they had a piece that was just an excuse to feature clips from the film and interviews from the cast - it lasted about three minutes.

    And as for not telling us what the film is about, I though they were "news" organisations not advertising vehicles!!!

    (Craig gets down from soap box :-)


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