Thursday, July 03, 2008

Opéra à Savon Légal

My divorce procedure is turning into a legal soap opera.

After talking to my lawyer and appeal lawyer yesterday evening I had to go to the fridge and open a bottle of refreshing rosé to help me recover from the shock.

It seems that my ex-h had arrived at the Tribunal towards the end of the morning, found it to be functioning, and insisted that the appeal be heard as he'd come down especially from Paris. This was not quite true as he had also come for a RDV with my youngest's speech therapist and to take the boys back up to Paris.

My lawyer hadn't told me on Tuesday, but she is on sick leave for two months. When this happens, usual conduct amongst lawyers is to suspend all hearings until a full recovery is made. Insisting that the appeal proceed is a deontology scandal. My appeal lawyer wrote a letter to the 'Bâtonnier'- president of the Bar, who wrote to the Tribunal President in the strongest terms. It is unheard of to steam-roller over an ill colleague apparently.

My lawyer hadn't deemed it necessary to tell me about her sick leave because of the previous week's strikes which led her to think that this week would be no different. In any case, it shouldn't have made a difference because the appeal shouldn't have gone ahead. "In thirty years' practice" she said, "I've never known such a situation. Quelle scandale!" I suspect a certain infamy will be attached to the name of my ex-h as a result. He'll be able to add it to his collection...

And so it goes on...

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  1. Let's hope they cook his gander.....jolly well deserves it.

    I'm back - Mr. ORANGE CAME TODAY....a real Chippendale, too! Took him less than 2 minutes to sort it all out!!!!! rrrrrrrrrr


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