Sunday, July 13, 2008

Social Whirls

From sloth and sunbathing on Wednesday I went to a giddy social whirl on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday was the launch of the Lôdge St Germain near St Bauzille de Montmel. Normally I wouldn't be invited to such events mainly because they are aimed at investors. As I couldn't invest my way out of a paper bag I wouldn't even make it to the short-list of guests.

But, I do have contacts! Ha! Suddenly ears start pricking and notice is taken. Actually, my contacts are my buddies. They are not my buddies because they are contacts however. That is just a happy coincidence.

To get to the point, I was invited by my pal C because she has become the Marketing Director of the Lôdge. She got the job because I was sent an email asking if I knew anyone with experience in marketing and sent it to her, because she does. It arrived by the skin of its teeth because a choice for the post had been made, but when my delightful friend turned up, Choice N°1 became Runner Up and she got the job.

That was a couple of weeks ago, so naturally I was invited to the launch. And very impressive it was too. The Lôdge is set on a rise in some of the most stunning scenery in the region with a view of the Pic St Loup which is a dramatic escarpment with sheer drop on one side, rugged slope on the other. Olive groves, garrigue and vines lie before you, and there is an impression of immense space and peace.

The Lôdge itself is a huge stone former farm, with chapel. The idea is to turn it into a spa resort with suites and rooms dotted about the park. Each will be owned by someone and managed as a furnished rental by the Lôdge. So Thursday was designed to whet the appetite of potential investors and spread the word. If I had the dosh...

What was such fun was that I saw most of my pals there, so had a lovely evening chatting, drinking Pimms, wine and nibbling goodies from the beautiful buffet. There was no mad rush to the buffet, no stuffing food like they hadn't been fed in a month so it was obvious that the Lôdge attracts a very superior crowd. Frankly, I was almost as impressed by that as I was by the view!

On Friday evening I was present for NG's vernissage at the restaurant La Prose at the Hotel Mediterranée in la Grande Motte and saw a different bunch of pals. It's a really lovely place with a large restaurant that spills out onto a shady terrace and overlooks the pool. The paintings looked terrific and attracted a good crowd of people. We kept our strength up with the nibbles provided by the restaurant and wine from the Mas de Jon near Fontanes which was perfectly light and fruity. I was even quite brave and talked to people I didn't know. Heady stuff!

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  1. Ata whirl it was too..

    Looking somewhat flimsy today, am I - coz I also had the week end visitors, food, boooze - and all and all, as well as the thursday and Friday goin's on!!!


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