Sunday, August 24, 2008

Defining Moments

Here are 10 defining moments of my recent holiday to Blighty, in no particular order.

1. Having dinner with my boys and little bro in a local Chinese restaurant. A first ever occasion of this type.
2. Tidying out decades worth of clutter with my mother from the garage.
3. Trying lavabread fried in Welsh bacon fat.
4. Watching the boys rampage over ruined Welsh castles with their cousins, my littlest kitted in a 'chain-mail' helmet.
5. Finding a dead rat in the garage.
6. Going to the tip and chucking out a car full of rubbish in a sudden torrential downpour.
7. Eating freshly picked, bursting with juiciness blackberries from the garden, with cream and meringue.
8. Being greeted after a long journey the day before then a long drive to Wales with a dinner of Welsh salt marsh lamb.
9. Being shrieked at by the Original Welsh Witch over a small bag of rubbish.
10. Looking out over London from the Greenwich Maritime Museum.

And a special bonus because this is my blog and I can make up the rules if I want; getting goodnight text messages from my recently met TotallyWonderfulDearlyBeloved (TWDB).

This is not the sum of my holiday of course, rather ten moments which define this particular trip.

It's already a week away, and yesterday I was buying a long list of essential items for my eldest for his new school. Paper, pens and stuff. In a week, it'll be La Rentrée and I'll have to work out how to take him to school and get to work on time. I foresee difficult mornings ahead!


  1. And what about the welcome home to the village!!!!

    Aint it luvly to be missed so much?

  2. Yes, that was terrific too! As it was last year. :)

    Yep, sure is luvly...


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