Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not Getting Things Done

I had a long list of things to do this afternoon, and ended up procrastinating to the point where only one got done. Two if you count finishing reading 'Blow Fly' by Patricia Cornwell which is what I wanted to do but felt that I should be doing more useful things. But as I just wanted to finish the book, I had a snooze, then made tomato sauce with tomatoes from the garden (on my list) and then read.

So now I have a long list of things to do for next Wednesday. They include going to the 'huissier's' to sign off on the divorce papers, but I have three months to do it, and quite frankly I'm not going to rush down there just for the sake of it. Especially when I'm in tired/wafting about mode. Try getting me to do anything sensible when I'm like this and it takes 100 times the effort it would normally. I've learnt it's best to go with the flow and wait until it passes. Annoying, you may think... well, better than virulent PMT!

So there.

Coming out of holiday mode is taking its time I must say. It does help that most people at work are off on holiday themselves, so it's nice and quiet and I can just gently readjust holiday mode to work mode without stress. Not that I encounter much stress in my job anyway...

I was feeling a bit stressed yesterday though because I thought I'd thrown out an Air France voucher for 350Eur. I had, in fact, in a glazed moment of madness thinking it was a used train ticket on Monday morning having got in late the night before from London. Luckily the cleaning woman is on holiday at the moment so the bins had not been emptied. I retrieved it joyfully and tucked it safely back into my bag.

So you see I really should not do anything drastic, like throw things out, when I'm in this mode. It's a sure recipe for disaster, financial ruin and relationship cracks...

The solution? A good restful life-restoring snooze. 'Scuse me while I just go and push some zeds...

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