Friday, September 26, 2008

Oriental by DRK

This painting is called 'Oriental', painted by Diane Rauscher-Kennedy, and is up for auction next week. It was chosen by the French auction house 'Drouot' as part of their upcoming contemporary art sale.

As you can see, it's rather a dramatic work, with a swish of movement and bold use of colour. The photo does not do it justice, as you can imagine.

You can see it online at the Gersaint website, and if it's crying out to you 'Buy me Buy me!!', then rest assured that you can! Isn't that good news?! But you'll have to move fast as the sale finishes on September 30.

Diane is already on Artprice, and her latest project is to provide a painting for the private VIP area of the ****Hotel Verchant's new spa which should be opening this year.

St Bloggie is proud to present this shameless plug for fab artist, fab friend and extended mother.

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  1. Gawd, if only all the others were as groupie as you, dearest........., but of course when I am painting for you I am very very inspired.........thanks a million for this lovely piece of prose about your extended Mum and her Art!
    It's the biggest "Sale on Line" ever done by Drouot...over 400 works of art chosen by the expert for this event....and only on line...


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