Sunday, November 02, 2008

On a Brighter Note...

... the cleaning was worth it, my parents have arrived and my tea stocks have been revived. Not only tea (Yorkshire Blend) but cheese, snossages, peanut butter, jelly, home made marmalade and a huge bucket of mini choccies.

Woohooo!! Thank you mum!

Today I decided to treat my parents to the full. We mooched down, dodging rain showers, to the market this morning. It was sadly depleted which was hardly surprising. I don't think I would have bothered to get out of bed either if I'd been a stallholder. As it was, I noted with pleasure the presence of parsnips, but as I'd just bought some in Auchan last week I didn't feel the need to get any more. They go marvellously well in pumpkin soup, as well as making their own divine soup.

I did buy bread - two Festive baguettes, which are my favourite at the moment, and then as it was starting to rain again, we walked briskly back up the hill.

The next exciting port of call was the dump! Yes, I know how to show my parents a good time! I had to take the famous cat-poohed duvet, and was desperate to get it out of the garage ASAP. Even though I'd thrown bleach all over it, it was still a tad smelly. So, I got it into the boot along with a few other bags of rubbish from clearing out my youngest's room and shameful boxes of empty wine bottles...

Again, dodging the deluge, I drove up to the dump and we unceremoniously chucked it all, satisfyingly, down into the huge containers. I was damned glad to see the back of that duvet, I'm tellin' you! My new one is as snug as a bug although I'm going to have to buy new covers for it as it seems to be bigger than average. I should have checked the size I suppose. There's inefficiency for you! Ah well.

After lunch I took my mother to the Hotel Verchant for two pa-free nights. He's now quite dotty and a handful to deal with so, as they owed me time there for having done some stuff for them, I decided it would be a fab 75th birthday pressie for my hard-pressed mother. She is having 48 hours without my dad which, for anyone caring for someone with Alzheimer's, is a rare gift indeed.

We left her decidedly perky and looking forward to lounging about in the spa. This evening, my TWDB and I are taking her out to dinner, and NG, that star, is coming to pa-sit.

As though to really throw me into the deep end with his total dottiness, my dad got convinced that an accident on Eastenders was for real and started worrying about it as though he knew the person. Then, for good measure he started worrying about my mother. She, naturally, is the last person to be worrying about right now. I hope she is steaming quietly in the sauna, doing whatever you do in the hamman, or swimming against the current of the pool.



  1. I'm sorry to hear about your dad, but I hope your mum's had a good time there with you.

  2. Thanks, Michael. She had a great time at the hotel and will be pleased to share the load of my dotty dad for the rest of the week.


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