Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Our Mickey J is dead and buried, commemorated, memorialised and officially put to rest.

To be honest, I sincerely hope that'll be the end of the hype and we can all get back to reading Other News without having to wade through details of the Jackson Death/Drug Abuse/Weird Stuff/Concert/Making of Potential Millions/Child Custody. Even the French newspapers are making a Big Deal out of this news, although going by comments on Le Figaro, a lot of people are getting heartily sick of seeing it everywhere.

It's not that I didn't think much of Michael Jackson. He was a bit older than me and I listened to his music along with everyone else at the time. Clearly more creative than most, he provided good entertainment which was rather the point of him.

Then he started getting weird and I lost interest.

Some people should die young, and I really believe that Michael Jackson was one of those. Actually, considering how kooky he got, he should have gone some time ago and, while I feel sorry his kids have lost their dad, it seems that the real Michael Jackson was already lost. We are constantly being told not to judge people by their looks, but when someone goes to such extremes to alter his appearance, how can one not judge the outcome?

He had become visually grotesque and however sweet as a person he was, he must have been seriously disturbed to turn himself into such a ghastly monster.

So, before he had a chance to do himself even more damage and face even more ridicule from people, he fortuitously died. Some people should be saved from themselves, and his entourage was clearly inept at doing so. Had they done the right thing, he could still be alive and merely eccentric, growing old gracefully, rather than dead and remembered for being horribly weird.

I can't really imagine him old though. Neither, I'm sure, could he.

RIP Michael Jackson.

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