Thursday, February 18, 2010

Frenchie from Hell

You think you divorced the woman from hell? I bet she doesn't come close to the one I heard about last night.

She was married to the plumber and it seems likely there is something loose between the ears although she won't admit it. She became convinced he was being unfaithful (he wasn't) and that set off a reaction of extraordinary proportions.

First she beat herself up and went to the police with her bruises saying her husband had inflicted them. She did this three times. Then they went on holiday with the kids, camping, cycling, rambling doing outdoor things and getting caught in brambles etc. Upon their return, the caravan still attached to the car, she went to the police again and showed them her cuts and bruises and told them her husband had done them. So they came round and ordered him to leave his home. He found out at that point that there had been 3 other complaints.

He went back the next day to find all his stuff flung onto the garden, his professional papers flying about, torn and dirty, and the locks changed. On his own house.

She accused him of inappropriate touching of their kids and he was forbidden from seeing them for some time.

She falsified his signature on a document declaring that he had given his car to her, took it to the Prefecture, got a Carte Grise and then declared the car stolen. He received a call one day from a police pal asking him if he knew his car was stolen when he knew it was in his garage.

She then got a relative, a bent cop, to steal his car by using a lorry to tow it away. It was heading for Spain when it was retrieved at the border.

She tried to get her hands on his beloved classic car by asking to borrow it when hers was 'having trouble'. Luckily the eldest daughter who was 10 at the time rang her dad and told him not to because there was no problem with her car, her mother just wanted to get her hands on his.

She falsified his grandmother's death certificate to declare him dead to try and get the life insurance. It was in the name of the kids however, so she got nothing. Another pal rang him one day and asked him if he knew he was dead.

She got the local drunk to wait for him at night outside his flat, beat him up, and knife him in the stomach twice. He spent three weeks in hospital. He recognised the thug of course as the local drunk, so the guy did actually spend 3 months in prison. 

She joined the Jehovah's Witnesses, obtained false passports for the kids and took them to Mali as a missionary without informing him, effectively kidnapping them. He didn't see them for a year as he had no idea where she was. He had to use all his contacts to get them back to France legally.

Despite all this, do you think the French justice system has in any way punished her? It would be wrong to say no, but it might just as well be.  She was fined 12K and as she's a welfare case, she has no money and cannot pay. So there you have it. In France you can lie, commit fraud, commit attempted fraud, wrongly accuse someone of something, kidnap, pay a hit man, and steal... and get away with it.

She's still got the kids, too. They chose to stay with her but he does have access. For the time being... She wants to go back to Mali...

How's that for BAD?


  1. My God, she is the bunny boiler from hell, I am amazed she was given custody of the children.

  2. There is certainly a system in France, but in my view it has nothing to do with justice at all...

  3. Me too, Dash. The guy is a plumber though and works long hours. I suppose, as a welfare case, she has lots of time to be there for the kids and if they are spared the loony behaviour, the French system will see no reason to take them away.

  4. It leaves you gobsmacked, doesn't it fly? I mean, attempted murder with a hit man?!! How does she get away with it?

  5. Hello Sarah, thanks for coming to see me. I like it here - it is always good for me to find out about outrageous things that happen in France, lest I carry on thinking how unlike the UK it is. It seems barmy and malicious people exist everywhere. Hope this woman ***** off to Mali then.

  6. How awful, a crazy woman, what a dreadful system, the plumber must be so worried about his kids. Glad to have found you in the blog world..

  7. Hello FF, good to see you here :)

    Yes, I don't think any one nation has a monopoly of the barmy and malicious. Unfortunately if she does bugger off to Mali, she'd take the kids and that would be another blow for their dad.

    He is such a sweet guy too, it's amazing that he's had to put up with so much crap.

  8. Hello NWLG, thanks for visiting!
    You're right, he is worried, but he does have regular visits so can monitor them at least.

  9. You'll get used to me - I pop in and out of people's comment boxes.

    I hope the poor maligned husband has now become a local hero and gorgeous women are lining up to show him that they are better for him than this evil woman.

  10. Well, FF, we are in France, so while he did have a new partner, at the weekend she had one crise de jalousie too many at the birthday party he'd organised for her and he decided he couldn't take the stress after a heart attack last year, so they've split.

    That's why he wanted a chat, I think, to get some of this stuff of his chest.


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