Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Now, I'm not old, I'm middle-aged, but an article this week in the Times practically sent me rushing out to buy a sodding Wii. It was the one on 'Sex and the Old' and it basically said that if you want to continue have great nooky in your old age, you'd better be fit and healthy.

Fit. Ah. Hmm. I'm not completely not fit. No sirree, I cycled 27km round Lac Salagou up and down over hill and dale only last autumn. I recovered within three days. But I don't do enough on a regular basis and I can't seem to work out how to rectify that.

I'm most drawn to buying a Wii because it'll mean not having to go out. I'm also drawn to joining the local fitness club at the Mairie - not a commercial gym - because of potential blogging material. Of course, there may not be room in the gym class this far into the year which may solve that problem, which would be nice...

I have popped down to the tennis court to hit a few balls around on the practice court recently, but then the weather turned nasty for ages and that was that. I have to re-motivate myself now which is a toughie. All I want to do at lunch time is go home and have lunch and watch Wycliffe.

Why is keeping fit such an effing pain in the arse?

I work full time and have my writing to do around it, I have two boys, and take care of the house. I'm usually tired in the evening and the thought of cooking something for the boys, but only being able to eat something light so I can go out at 8.45pm for an hour to do some yoga or gym down the road fills me with loathing. Especially as that is the time my youngest goes to bed, so that would all be disrupted.

Boring boring and yet... great nooky depends on it. Damn! Tips, anyone?


  1. Tricky. Sex is supposed to be good exercise in itself, but that also requires time. No. Nothing sensible from me.

    I haven't forgotten the biscuit recipe BTW - I just can't find the notebook in which I wrote the sodding thing down.

  2. Ah yes, the case of the disappearing notebook. Sounds like the case of the disappearing car papers, birth certificate, sundry other Terribly Important Documents.

    They do do that, don't they, the buggers!

  3. I thought the Times article was very thoughtful and sensitively written.




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