Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is that me?

This is not me, but might be my blond colour
I've just come back from an afternoon at the hairdresser's. Colour, meches, cut, blowdry, the whole nine yards, quoi. Cost an arm and a leg but I think it shows i.e. I look spruced up and no longer a root-showing lacksadaisical scruff which is what I really am at heart.

While I was there I was offered a make-up session for free. The salon has a beauty salon a couple of doors away and if business is slow, one of the girls comes in and offers hand massages or make-up. I usually get offered the massage, today I must have looked in dire need of the make-up.

Maybe the previous evening's late night dvd and rosé wine session with my TWDB was showing a tad. Anyway, I don't take offense easily (unlike some who never seem to stop) and readily agreed to beautification. The girl herself was lumpy and ungainly. Not exactly the glamorous beautician whose svelte good looks has all us lesser mortals grinding our teeth. She had nice make-up though so I supposed she knew what she was doing.

Actually she did a good job considering that the material she was working with had more than a touch of sun from the weekend, eyes that watered whenever she went near them and a head full of colouring hair. I suddenly thought I should really be taken out to dinner on this rare occasion when I look a lot better than usual, but my TWDB is on his Gerlinea diet this week so I'd probably have to take myself out and that's of limited fun.

Hours later (or so it seemed - I went through two lots of Gala and one VSD although, yawningly boring, it didn't take long...) I was having the meches sorted, then the whole lot was cut and dried. Pity I wasn't dressed up for the occasion but was wearing my ratty old sandals. Time for some new ones, thought I recklessly. Off I headed to the nearest shoe emporium and found... nothing. Nothing that suited, nothing that suited that was in my size, and any likely contenders when tried on were unbearably uncomfortable. So I put my ratty old sandals back on and, by now, bored stiff of the whole business, went home.

I can't have anything to nibble or drink until I see my TWDB because my lipstick will bugger off and I want him to see me professionally sorted. Damn. I should have bought the lipstick - a raspberry-type colour, lovely for summer, but I was reeling somewhat from the cost so decided to leave it until another time. Bad choice.

I also got a 10% off voucher for a 'soin' at the beauty salon and now can't decide whether to spend it on a pedicure or face massage. Agonising, isn't it, decision-making?


  1. Oh Sarah, how funny, I have just done a similar post, it must be the onset of summer or something. I bet you and your hair look gorgeous.

    Go back and get the lipstick and a tip next time your in the salon, shove a really good book in your handbag.

  2. Yup. Personal spring cleaning - did most of mine last week after months of neglect, just nails to do now.

  3. You girls have such fun. ;)


  4. Dash - I will definitely get the lipstick, and I did have a book in my bag but I sometimes get blog-worthy articles from the rags you see in the hairdresser's so I ploughed through in the hope of finding something interesting. I gave up in the end and took to my book.

    Pueblog girl - we're all at it!! I think my feet are in most need although I love having a face massage (although the last time I had one was just before I got married in 1995...).

    Nick - oh you have no idea...

  5. You can never find shoes when you are looking for them. They find you, Sarah, when they are ready.

  6. That would explain a lot, FF!

  7. Sounds like a fun outing! Its that time of year isn't it? I was just thinking I needed to get myself sorted and then I stumbled upon your post! Will be making my appointment tomorrow.

    As for shoes, you can never have enough. My problem in France though is that I have large feet - size 41 to the horror of most French sales assistants.

    Hope the hair is holding well and that you're able to style it on your own :)

  8. Hi Piglet, yes my hair is doing fine thanks. I have a very simple style (layered bob).

    I think when Spring really hits, we are more willing to take ourselves out of our Winter doldrums and spruce ourselves up. It's all that new growth and hope around - it's quite catching :)


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