Monday, May 17, 2010

Potato Chase

The best vodka in the world is Russian, right? Wrong. A British vodka has just been awarded the title of the world's best vodka in the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition where 294 competitors were fighting it out.

Chase Vodka is made out of potatoes by Mr Chase of Tyrrell's posh crisp fame on his farm in Herefordshire. Production, currently at 1000 bottles a week is soaring thanks to winning the award, and he hopes to be producing 2-3000 bottles as soon as he can get production under way.

Who'd a thought the humble spud could be elevated to such dizzy (alcoholic) heights? First posh crisps, then posh vodka. And they go together! What's next? Well, you might be interested to know they've created a marmalade vodka, achieved by marinating the marmalade in the vodka. It makes a good alternative to gin, so they say. Wouldn't mind giving it go. I love gin.

I'm not a great vodka drinker in fact so I'm not sure that if I were taking part in a similar blind tasting to the one they had in San Francisco I'd be able to taste the difference between the 294 different offerings. But, I do like to taste the top des top, so must remember next time I'm in the UK to see if I can get hold of a bottle. They don't ship abroad from the website.

Another speciality is 'Naked Chase' made with organic cider apples, and 'naked' because the cider apples are the only addition to the vodka. Sounds yummy, as does a new product for May, Williams Chase Gin. I'd be interested to see how it compares with the best gin. Would it be good enough to win the World's Best Gin award? Is there such a thing?

Do the French make vodka? They do actually, from... wait for it... grapes. Yep, no big surprise there, but Ciroc vodka is made from grapes grown in the Gaillac region. Other French vodkas are Grey Goose made from wheat, Nuage, and Idol. They are made primarily for the American market which appreciates overpriced vodka (!).

I can foresee a pleasant trip to the UK this summer - Chase vodka straight or on the rocks, whether original, naked or marmalade, and a superior G&T. Must find a pub that stocks the stuff otherwise I'll be broke on booze!

Anyone for a pub crawl? Cheers!


  1. Ooh posh British Vodka, I for one will be trying it on my next UK visit.

  2. What sort of price is it?
    Posh price or reasonable?

  3. After extensive testing I have concluded that all vodka is pretty much identical, where ever it might come from. The major difference appears to be in the alcohol content, which is, after all, the point of vodka.

    At university we used to pilfer pure alcohol and dilute it to 50%. It tasted like vodka.

    Flavoured vodkas are a different kettle of fish: ever tried garlic vodka?

  4. Fly, it's about £32 for a 70cl bottle. Posh price. There's a nice write-up of it here

    Jon, I've never tried garlic vodka or indeed any flavoured vodka. I'm not really a vodka drinker, but some do sound interesting!


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