Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Year of the Groupon

This post is an entry to Groupon's 1-yr anniversary competition to win a year's worth of deals. You may or may not know about this site which promotes economies of scale through mass bookings for exciting activities such as feet tickling (by fish), meals for two in local restaurants, digital photography offers, massages, control techniques (MOT), karting, caviar, hairdressing, and so on.

You sign up on the site, joining your nearest centre (mine is Montpellier) so you get emails advising you of exciting opportunities near you or national ones on internet sites. You usually get over 50% off which makes a bargain!

Take this one, for example, available only today (they usually are) - 80% off! A studio photography session with a professional photographer for only €59 instead of €295.

Believe me, there's something for everyone, there's no catch, and you can try out some cool new places without it hurting financially!

If you'd like to participate in the competition too, it's easy! Just go to Groupon's competition website and sign up!

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