Friday, December 09, 2011


You'll never guess what... I'm moonlighting, that's what. Incredibly, since October 2005 (when I wrote my first ever blog post) no one has EVER asked me to write a guest post. Perhaps not that incredibly since I never ask people to guest for me either, and in this happy wittering part of the blogosphere reciprocity is Pretty Important.

Actually quite a lot of the aspects of blogging are pretty important if you take them seriously, and a lot of people do, as I discovered on Lynn's post over on All Fooked Up. Read and be stunned.

But I digress. I do not have an over-inflated view of my blog, so I was much flattered and honoured to be asked to guest post on the lovely Anya's blog, Older Single Mum. I first came across her writing after reading the comments she wrote on Plankton's blog. Not many people link to their blog so when I saw that Anya had, I dashed over and read about her trials and tribulations as an older single mum, with a rather delectable lodger.

Of course, I identified with her like mad, apart from the delectable lodger, not least because her ex-h stories struck a familiar note, and so I stayed, added her to my Follow list and carried on enjoying her writing.

Then she decided to start a series of blog posts on older single mums to try and redress the image that single mums have of being sluttish drop-outs intent only on bagging a council flat and having a career on benefits. We come in many sizes, shapes and forms, ages, financial statuses and backgrounds. Many of us never intended to end up as a single mum, but circumstances have forced us into this state (which is not without its advantages...), and so we find ourselves thus at an age when potential partners are scarce and easily frightened at the sight of the sofa under permanent occupation by an adolescent male or by a wailing toddler (and who can blame them?).

So, along with the troubles of bringing up one's offspring, life is even harder for the older single mum in search of a partner, and if you want an idea of exactly how un-easy it is, just read Plankton's blog and join in the collective wail.

I have no worries on the partner front, but being a single mum is still hard work. I did manage to paint a balanced view over on Older Single Mum though, so do pop over and discover what I believe to be the single most annoying part of being a single mum, plus a couple of the best bits too. Let me know if you agree with me if you are one too.