Wednesday, January 11, 2012

OMG it's the Sales!

A lot of France has gone crazy today. It's the first day of the sales and I imagine the centre of Montpellier is a heaving river of humanity fighting like crazy over bargain impractical shoes and must-have handbags. Naturally I have avoided it like the plague, but I have done my bit to participate, oh yes. On the internet of course.

I popped into and got my youngest to choose some much needed tee shirts, a pair of shoes and a sweat shirt. He likes them big these days so they should last a while. I thought €7 for a Benetton tee shirt pretty reasonable. They'll be delivered down the road so I don't even have to exert myself to detour much, just a quick collection on my way home from work.

That's the way I like to go shopping. Carrouf was murder this afternoon. I was in there to do my weekly food shop and the world and her wailing baby were in there too poring over the silicon cake shapes and smelly candles. I passed by all the tempting racks, but stopped at one which had cosy polaire sports pullies for €15 or €10 for men (no zip). I didn't like the women's ones and didn't want a jacket with zip anyway, and there were no men's size S, so that saved me €10.

In my joy, I bought a packet of smoked trout to go with the blinis in the fridge, and some proper smoked haddock to make a kedgeree. Bang went the €10, still at least my stomach will be happy, and I can wear the cosy sports pully I already have. Another would be nice but it would just be a reminder to do more sport when the other one is in the wash... and I don't need any reminders like that, thanks!

I had to wait for ages at the fish counter. Some woman was there buying up crab legs, Madagascan prawns at €24.90/kg and oysters. "Invite me!" I beamed over in thought waves. She wilfully ignored me and set her posh woman glasses on her nose - you know the ones, they have graded coloured lenses and gold somewhere around the rims, and probably a logo such as DG on the arms. They protect heavily-made up eyes and the odd bag...

I had to wait for ages at the till too. A very small woman in front of my was buying up the organic food aisle and her trolley was floor to ceiling in natural brown packets with green writing. You can't get big sizes in organic packages so all her purchases were small which meant there were loads. I dread to think how much her bill came to, must have been at least €300.

When I got in the car I realised I hadn't bought the tomatoes necessary for the kedgeree and, come to think of it, the rice either. This means I'll have to go down the road and support the local mini market with its over-priced goods and dodgy veg, or go to the posh greengrocer and faint at the cost of the tomatoes. Actually I think the best idea is to wait until my TWDB says he's going shopping and ask him to get them for me. Thankfully there's no rush with smoked haddock.

The bread machine has just pinged telling me the dough is ready to be shaped and chucked in the old non-stick (non-silicon) bread tin and baked in the (amazingly clean since it was pyrolysed yesterday) oven, which means I can get on and make the beef stew in the slow cooker. It needs the same plug as the bread machine and as I wasn't forward thinking enough to get a double plug (or I've lost it...) I've had to wait for one to finish. Looks like it'll be dinner tomorrow now though or we'll be eating at bed time.

When I've done that I'm going to spark myself up with some XBox Dance Central, promise... My youngest son is here, he can help set it up and do it with me, that'll be good for a laugh.