Sunday, March 01, 2015

One-Hundred Word Challenge - The Stone Settee

Every week in term time, I write reviews for the kids who participate in the 100 Word Challenge. 100WC is a weekly challenge for schoolchildren under 16. I've read some excellent stories as well as many good tries, and a few half-hearted efforts. There have been lots of zombies, dreams, and video-game-inspired action as well as truly original creative gems of writing.

Sometimes, I'm inspired to write something myself. Of course, I can't join in the 100WC, but I do have a blog, so here is my effort for last week's prompt.

Week #23 prompt for 100WC
No one in the park sat on the stone settee with a cat. There was something eerie about it. Only the sculptor knew why. His wife had disappeared just before the commissioned settee had been installed in its spot. A curious policeman was told it was solid stonework. It was, almost. She was put on the Missing Person’s list. The wife’s not-so-secret lover never got over her disappearance. The sculptor feigned distress, but went on to marry again, and have the children his first wife never wanted. He got rid of the wife’s mean old cat too. Happy at last...
* * *

We always need new reviewers for the kids, so if you'd like to join in, let me know and I'll pass on your details to the organiser.


  1. That's an interesting little insight into your mind ;0

  2. I read a lot of murder mysteries. Can you tell? :)

  3. Beautifully creepy. :-) I'm a murder mystery fan too.

    1. Oh aren't we all?! Did you watch that BBC documentary by Lucy Worsley on great 20th century murder/mystery writers? It was excellent, and showed that many of us love the genre. :)

    2. No, I missed it. Off to check iPlayer to see if it's still available. :-)

    3. It should be, I only watched last Sunday. I love iPlayer!!


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