Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Nutella is a product much adored by a large proportion of the population. It's a staple of ski trips and tea times, participates in pancake parties and itinerant crepe vans.

But, there is one thing that Nutella doesn't do, and that is flow. It's pretty solid, especially when kept in a cupboard next to an outside wall in a modestly warmed house. Have you ever tried to spread solid Nutella on fresh bread, or a warm crepe? Impossible. Totally impossible. It's too hard and tears up both bread and crepe as you try to spread it.

However, there is a solution which doesn't seem too outlandish or even difficult to swallow for purists (!), and that is to make a runny version, and sell it in squeezy bottles, like Heinz has done for ketchup. Runny Nutella especially for crepes, and fresh bread, or just a lighter, unbreakable alternative for travelling.

Isn't there a marketing opportunity there?

Don't forget, you saw it here first, folks!


  1. Given the nutritional content of Nutella (for a 2 tablespoon serving one gets 11g of fat, 23g of carbs, and only 2g of protein) I suspect that the manufacturer avoids "runny" Nutella to limit how much can be consumed, thus maintaining the lives of their customers.

  2. It's a nice thought, John, but I fear that that is the last worry on their profit-margin minds.


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