Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Les Intrus

Which is the odd one out from items in my bedroom: bed, pillow, wooden domino race? Or here: bedside lamp, book on dealing with teenage boys, carpet car circuit?

It's strange just how much the boys encroach their toys all over the house. My bathroom has two WWII model aeroplanes lurking on the floor under the radiator. I found a plastic machine gun in my bed this weekend; in case of burglers? There is a toy Porsche on the floor in my room, CDRoms on my computer desk, and a ballon on my bed. There's another metal plane on my bedside table, with a Slinky box and rubber crocodile.

If I tidy it all up, within a couple of days it's back. I am at constant war against the rising tide of toys turning up in unexpected places. Even the loos have bits of construction materials.

Ah well, there's boys for you. At least they make their presence felt.

This evening we have been trying to make the Nintendo 64 machine work with my all-singing and dancing tele. It was my youngest's birthday present (thank you, Ebay) and has just arrived, late, via La Poste. My tele is not sure about showing it, however. The boys had a couple of goes and now there is no connection from the box to the tele. Why am I the one who has a tele with attitude?

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