Friday, April 14, 2006

Sort of book progress

Trade descriptions being what they are, and my subtitle announcing that this blog is partly about reporting progress on my book, I hasten to give this update and thus avoid being hung drawn and quartered for not abiding by my own declarations.

The exciting news is that I'm investigating creating a podcast of the first chapter. Little steps... If this is a success, ie., it works, I may try more chapters. I'll set up a sign me up Scottie form. Actually, when I say 'I', I probably mean 'one' as my website design talents have yet to be discovered, let alone applied.

More standard issue progress can be declared in the printing out of the first 113 pages to be read through this weekend so I can move on to the next section. I've come to an impasse having added a whole month to the beginning of the story, and now have to adapt what follows. It was all going swimmingly, but has come to a halt, and needs some dramatic modification. I'll only be able to do this once I've properly read what precedes this part so I can get a feel of what I should be doing next.

It's at times like this, when I'll be away from home that I wish I had a laptop. Never mind. I can always resort to a pen and paper!

So, for the record, there are now 358 pages, of which I'm just about happy with the first 113 and it would be 114 except I have to add some steamy stuff to the end of the chapter. For that I have to be in the mood, as it were, and not overly tested by the various testing elements in my life who will remain nameless but used to be married to me... Mind you, even when I'm in the mood, what I write is a far cry from the super hot octopugnally X-rated mind-bogglingly kinky stuff I've seen elsewhere (on the internet). When I was writing the book at the beginning, I was doing these scenes and they started off quite explicit, then, as I had to write more, I got bored and they ended up as a one-sentence allusion to nooky. The friend who was my first editor-of-crap told me I should write more scenes of an explicit nature, so that is another of my tasks in this latest round of modifications.

I keep wanting to make them funny, too, which can work in specific circumstances but gets to look flippant and silly if over-used. Ah well, I'd never make a living as a writer for Playboy. (Not that that was ever an ambition...)

I think I've just convinced myself I'm making progress.

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  1. Best of luck at it Sarah..from teh sound of it's definitely not for my innocent eyes * puts his halo on his head*.. but you know that reminds me of an article i read ..apparently they hand out "awards" for the worst written X rated scene in a mainstream book ..


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