Sunday, October 15, 2006

Godot woz 'ere

Today was one of those perfect autumn days. A hint of freshness in the morning preceded warmth and a glorious sun from mid-morning on.

It was the sort of day to achieve anything you wanted to do, except go to the beach to swim... Walking, cycling, running, picnicking, racing, musing, gardening, discovering. All was possible.

What did I do with this beautiful day the likes of which we probably won't see again this autumn? I had a lazy morning and eventually went to play tennis this afternoon. The tennis managed to assuage the feeling of vague dissatisfaction I had been feeling, brought on by getting up late and not setting off on some wild goose chase adventure. I needed activity, obviously.

The garden is enjoying the weather too. The milder climes have brought on the flowers which had been asphyxiated by the heat and there is a little riot of colour; oranges on the left, pinks ahead. I am in two minds about working much in the garden to improve it more than a little. To start with, it's not mine seeing as I rent and I'm loathe to do a lot of hard work. On the other hand, I would like to plant some veggies, but the soil is full of stones and clay. You might even say 'soil' is a generous term when describing the compact, heavy material between the stones, pebbles and rocks. It needs sand and potting soil, in large quantities; much turning over, and TLC. To be honest, I'm not sure I can be bothered on something which does not belong to me.

Prevarication. The curse of the undecided.

The piano still hasn't arrived.

I have no news from the scouts.

I have papers to collect up.

I'm waiting for information to fall from the sky.

Waiting for Godot more like.


  1. Without wishing to offend any finer sensibilities, have you considered the ultimate in perennial pot plants ? I mean the ones put together in China and elsewhere from cotton, silk etc. Some of them are very, very good.

    Living on the Med' helps, of course: the showy bougainvillea etc which one sees everywhere tend to look a bit artificial anyway.

    I find these Chinese varieties very tolerant of a range of soil conditions etc. What's more, they don't mind you leaving them to go away on holiday.......

  2. They sound very forgiving of gardening ineptitude!

  3. Yeah, they are. The most common fault, as per African violets, is over-watering.....

  4. It does belong to you ED, because it's your home, and when you look out of the window it's your garden. The hard work is there for you, and for the pleasure of the eye afterwards.

    But if you can't face it get some Nutty Granny to intervene as soon as she has time!


    ps: could you send me back Colin Berry's new blog - everytime I try to open it I get told it is not there!

  5. Nice to know there's one prospective customer out there, ng. Just one problem: it's not up and running yet, cos I'm stuck for a title. Give me a day or two.

    You could go to Colin Randall's blog in the meantime. Things are really hotting up there again between BT and AG .....

  6. Its a pity days like that can't be made to last forever - time marches on

  7. It does indeed, ed and hangs about for no one.

    NG: I keep looking at it and thinking, oh my god... where does one start! Norma has 50kg bags of soil for 1E59...

  8. Looking through this thread, I'm a bit confused. NG refers to someone(?) called ED, which from the context would seem to be Sarah. But ED as a contributor does not enter the conversation till later. Can someone enlighten me ? Is NG's ED an abbreviation for Editor ? Is that a blogging convention, to refer to the blogger as Editor ? Excuse my ignorance - I'm still carrying L plates.

  9. Colin, ED is me. Not Ed, but ED for Extended Daughter as in extended family... and NG is Nutty Granny. We have it cosy down here, I'm tellin' ya!

  10. Blimey, seems like I've stumbled my way into a whole new subculture on this site. What other dramatis personae do you have waiting there in the wings ? I think I'd do well to go back through your archives, so as to get up to speed. Again, sorry for the clumsy entrance....

  11. Hi Sarah and clan (ng et al)
    It's that pesky lodger back again (I have one of the denizens of Colin R's blog to thank for that tag). This is just to let you know that I have created a new blog using the present host. Am most impressed - it only took half an hour or so to get a template (I chose the same Lincoln Green as yourself and CR - the others are rubbish. Never one to mince my words).

    Anyway it's called Dreams and Daemons, and it's going to take a few days to get it up and running, and explain to folk how the site works etc. I thought I'd go for the organic growth approach, rather than a polished fait accompli, partly because it's been one of my dreams to host a blog, so I'll record the experience (which is what my site is for- to share with others the thrill of trying new things), but also because I'm the sort who like to see tangible signs of progress.

    Anyway, here's the link:

    Feel free, anyone, to visit and post a comment. But be warned: it's very much a neonatal sprog at present, with newly-cut umbilical cord !

  12. Yep, I've been across and left an encouraging message...


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