Monday, November 27, 2006

10 things I'd never do

I've been tagged by Angela to tell you about 10 things I'd never do. I suppose this is in reference to the Telegraph articles on the club which suddenly sprang to life on things you've never done.

This is a bit different though, as it's on things I'd never do. I suppose the two overlap somewhat, anyway here goes:
  1. I'd never again watch horror movies. They give me nightmares.
  2. I'd never watch crap like 'Big Brother', 'I'm a celebrity...'
  3. I'd never cheek a police officer. Way to risky!
  4. I'd never knowingly eat horsemeat. No way. Ever.
  5. I'd never take part in swinging parties.
  6. I'd never let my children face danger alone. Grrrrrr. Just try me...
  7. I'd never take up jogging although I do like cycling.
  8. I'd never betray my friends.
  9. I'd never give up G&T.
  10. I'd never like to do heavy duty DIY ever again, due to overkill.
So now I'll have to tag others.
Sam in Brittany
Mr Filthy France
Laban of UKCommentators

Update the next day.
I keep thinking of things now:
  1. I'd never have a boob job.
  2. I'd never let myself get obese.
  3. I'd never try taking drugs such as heroin, cocaine, etc.
  4. I'd never send my boys away to school. I'd miss them too much.
  5. I'd never rob a bank even though they are some of the biggest robbers out there.
  6. I'd never drop my aitches.
  7. I'd never let the boys smoke at home (if they ever started).
  8. I'd never take up paragliding, parachuting, micro-lighting or any other precarious activity that takes place a long way up.
  9. I'd never carry a gun.
  10. I'd never buy a season ticket to watch a football team. Rugby maybe, concerts more likely.


  1. shoot. this one could be a long one actually.

    let me do it in a while.

  2. Snap, Sarah. I won't consider any "precarious activity that takes place a long way up". That rules out any DIY that involves stepladders.

  3. I never thought I'd write a blog... I never thought I'd write comments... I never thought I'd end up a mum of 2 in the south of france. Just shows - never say never!

  4. Oooh... horsemeat. Gimme. Thanks for the tag, will give it some thought....

  5. So that's where it started! Thanks for the article.
    Good list and post script list,

  6. I know, Helen, I usually say never say never, but well, I suppose there are nevers out there even so.

    Tree: ok, I look forward to reading your list.

    Filthy: oh yuk!!! You were obviously never a Thelwell pony girl!

    Thanks for the tag, Angela, it was fun.

  7. What is heavy duty DIY please.
    Ignorant frogified NG

  8. Well, DIY is Do It Yourself and covers anything from putting up shelves to mixing concrete and installing an entire plumbing system. I refer to the heavy duty DIY as activities involved in house-building rather than just home-improvements.

  9. "I'd never like to do heavy duty DIY ever again, due to overkill" says Sarah (but my italics)

    Maybe ng, like me, is curious to know about the "heavy-duty DIY" you tackled in the past, Sarah.

    You don't sound like one of nature's hod-carriers, but I might be mistaken.

  10. Colin: one of my ex-h's 'brilliant' ideas when we were building our house was to undertake parts of it ourselves. Despite the fact that he is someone who is professionally debordé and has very little time to do such activities.

    So, we plumbed the whole house, tiled all of it except the living room, installed the bathroom, painted the whole house and built the beginnings of the covered terrace.

    I mixed concrete, cut all the tiles, lay them, was plumber's mate, painted, installed all the water evacuation pipes.

    Now, I've had enough forever especially as the atmosphere in which it was all done stank and I had two very small children to deal with at the same time.

  11. Yeah, sounds frightfully naff now, but building your own house, or at any rate, the bits you can manage yourself, was the authentic 20th century experience. Admit it Sarah - you got a kick from denying those cowboy tradesmen a contract or two.

    DIY, in moderation, challenges the immmune system with a plethora of insults - dust, solvents, skin allergens etc. and is probably the secret of long life.

  12. Well, there was a sour taste due to the fact that we had already decided to divorce and we were doing all this for someone else.

    Also, my ex, being a surgeon is absolutely the worst person in the world to do DIY with as he expects to run the show like an operating theatre.

    Really, it could have been great, but was just a total nightmare.

  13. Scalpel, please nurse, I need to excise the surplus wallpaper.

    Can I leave you to clean up ?

  14. Well now I know what it is I know I spent 35 years doing it - and loved it, although my VIP husband just watched and patted me on the head like a yorkshire dog from time to time...i love it, and gardening too, real gardening, turning a derelict space into beauty!!

    Now, what will I never do, or never do again? Never be squashed down upon, despised because I'm a "lady", live amongst beotiens!!

    The rest of my life will be amongst people I luv, and doing things I like with people I like!!!

    I won't worry either about no one knowing if I'm safe or still breathing, because people are around to know if all is well!

    I'll never go back North to be miserable either - nor visit folks after long hard journeys in the car...they can just get their act together and come down south.

    And I'll never have another miserable Xmas either!

    So saith happy NG


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