Thursday, March 01, 2007

Video Killed the Meteo Star

The latest suggestion for publicising Promo'Arts' charitable auction on May 22 is to go and do the météo on France 3. This came from a friend of mine with whom I was having lunch today. We were being ladies who lunch dontcha know.

We went to La Chêne Vert which is an organic supermarket and restaurant. I suppose the food is all organic. It's certainly full of hearty bulghur wheat, Ebly, sprouting grains and lots of veggies. Even the wine is supposed to be organic and 'dynamic'. I didn't feel particularly dynamic after drinking it however. A snooze would have suited me better...

It was also pretty crowded and the serving staff were hopeless as usual. There were two of them; the woman who I think runs the place, and a dopey bloke with a nose-stud. He's generally who means well, but he must be the woman's first cousin or have some other close family connection. It's not the first time I've eaten there, and considering the size of the place you would think they could serve you in a reasonable time. It always takes ages though.

My friend is a runner. She does ghastly things like run 10km races. This month she and her husband are running a positively death-inducing 26km in St Guilhem le Desert, which has a dénivelé of 1km! Just the thought of it makes me feel weak. I really can't stand jogging. I'll cycle anywhere and for ages, but jogging - bleh.

Back to France 3 and the météo. I've just been googling it and can't find a link, but basically, the general public can apply to read the weather and then plug an event/say 'hi' to friends/propose marriage/ ANYTHING really. I think it's on the lunchtime news, and it must be live considering how awkward most people look. They don't seem to get much practice.

My friend mentioned it to me by way of her own pottery association. They are having an exhibition and to publicise it, were thinking of going on the tele. She was none too keen on the idea unless it was from a purely behind-the-scenes script-writing perspective and asked me if I would go on the tele. This got me thinking, of course.

I used to be an English teacher, so made a habit of getting up in front of people and spouting. That was many moons ago, thankfully, but I suppose I still have the knack in there somewhere, if a gun was placed at my head... Or I could be one of those inanely smiling hangers-on while someone else does all the work; you know, the ones there to make up the numbers so you don't look like you've got no friends or a member-less association.

Could be quite a laugh. Maybe I could then claim celebrity status, having been on the tele once, and then design my own perfume, make a fitness DVD and sit back waiting for the millions to roll in. I could even start buying £20,000 handbags...

Then again, maybe not! S-WAGS RULE!


  1. I don't know! One whiff of fame, and you're off to buy 20 pairs of shoes!

    I've never seen the météo on FR3 read by a member of the public - is this just FR3 Languedoc or whatever? Not that I get local FR3 anymore and if I did it would be Rhone Alpes.

    However, it sounds like a really good idea - any publicity is good publicity, eh?

  2. 20 pairs of Manolos, dahhhhhling, natch!

    The météo thing could just be a local initiative, and yes, any publicity is good!

  3. I was on telly last year. A couple of my photos had been chosen for an exhibition in the Musée de Grenoble (members of the public had been invited to submit photos with the theme 'Sunday').

    Someone rang me up and asked if I would come along because M6 were filming...I thought everybody would be there and I nearly didn't go but turned up at the last minute. They were actually waiting for me! I hadn't realised they wanted to interview me. Obviously, I had not prepared anything so I was stuttering away like an idiot saying the first inane thing that came into my head. Afterwards, of course, I thought of plenty of witty comments but it was too late...

    Also, telly makes you look much fatter than you are in real life (please say it's true...)


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