Monday, May 21, 2007

Day Before...

I'm getting ready for the big day (evening) tomorrow. The Promo' Arts charity gala in aid of the Ligue Contre le Cancer is all set for demain soir. Needless to say, everything has been going wrong today. Is this a good sign? In the theatre, a terrible dress rehearsal is indicative of a fabulous first night. Let's hope the same applies to gala events.

I've plucked my eyebrows, de-haired my legs (shaved, not waxed - my legs are immune to wax), and am applying nail polish as I type. It may well come out a bit bitty... I'm typing with one hand as the other one dries. How's that for blog dedication? Actually, the last time I had my finger nails polished was just before I gave birth to my youngest which happened at the same time as a big conference my ex-h was organising. I had all my bits done for the big dinner on the Saturday, and all was still looking great after the conference two days later when I had to go to the maternité. That was six years ago. Shows how often I get out...

Tomorrow we have to print the programmes on the printer that has decided to have a nervous breakdown and stop feeding paper, photocopy the lists of guests seven times for the eight welcome tables (one already done!), take the white wine to the Domaine de Verchant, and stick the glass stickers onto the glasses (instead of having them engraved - too pricey and too long to do).

I'm wishing I had persevered with the over-winter sun cream that I should have been applying through the cooler months in order to have glowing legs all ready for summer. But I got bored. Unfortunately now, though, my legs are pretty un-brown, so I'll just have to pretend I'm going for the 'pale and interesting' look.

I'll be wearing a pretty zappy dress rom my flea market lady and some shoes I bought around 15 years ago which I recently found again when we cleared out the garage. I did buy new bangles though, from Inno (Monoprix). The dress is labeled 'Serge Dana by Arfal'. Sounds good, but I've never heard of either of them.

I'll let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain!

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