Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Day, Day After

Yesterday was one helluva day! It was the day of Promo' Arts gala event in aid of the Ligue Contre le Cancer.

The printer finally decided to behave and industrial quantities of programmes and receipts poured out (to be folded/cut). We had things to sort out at the Domaine de Verchant (glasses, chairs, tables) and were hard at it until mid-afternoon.

Having changed into something a little less casual, we headed back to find the caterers (best in Montpellier) doing their thing and a sense of eager anticipation. It has to be said we had the absolute best of everything: location, wine, aperitif, buffet, music, weather, teams, auctioneer.

Around 150 people came, paid for their glass, admired the surroundings and went to enjoy the Vignoble Guitard white wine. I don't think there was a single politician. Everyone had to pay to get in, you see, and we hadn't asked for any grants or other money to help us out. All our donations were made privately.

We were honoured by the presence of the president of the Ligue Contre le Cancer, Professor Henri Pujol who was very pleased with the evening. I was delighted to meet the people who made it all happen: Pierre Mestre of Domaine de Verchant (and red wine), Guy Cholet of Groupe Cholet (invitations), Charles Guitard, Antoine Peskine (logistics), Mr & Mrs Germain (buffet) and of course, Franck Fontcouberte who conducted the chamber orchestra and Maïtre Françoise Kusel the auctionner. It was fabulous.

The concert was perfect with some Bach, Mozart, Telemann, Elgar and Britten. I loved the English touch. I had played with the orchestra when it had been an amateur affair ten years ago. Franck has moved on since then and put together a wonderful team who play with warmth and enthusiasm. Funnily enough, my eldest's violin teacher is part of it. It was a surprise seeing her up there!

We had positive feedback upon positive feedback. The auction went well, the auctioneer was a riot, and I was called upon to note who bought what and at what price. The artist who had given us the most trouble had tried to offload one of her old paintings from way back in 1994 onto the auction. It didn't sell (hehe). Our guests didn't want it either, not even for a good cause!

Still we made over 10,000Eur and will give 90% to the Ligue Contre le Cancer, keeping 10% to enable us to start preparing for the next event.

Definitely an evening to remember!


  1. Brilliant! Well done! Over €10000 - that is marvellous

  2. Ouuuuuuuuuuf...the After is almost like the baby blues!

  3. Thanks, Louise.

    Yes, but without the nappy-changing, ng.


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