Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sing to me, Lou

Last year, when we were on our happy hols near Swansea, in Mumbles, we went to see friends of my mother's. We were invited to dinner chez Betty and Lou Baker for which event, we took along the video camera. Why? Well, at dinner chez nous a couple of days previously, Lou had told us he had written a song and if we liked, after much persuading, would sing it for us.

Naturally, we were dying to hear it, and record it for posterity, so we set up the camera in their sitting room, Lou comfortably ensconced in an armchair and cued the maestro.

I think you will agree that it's a lovely, sad song; melancholic although at the same time, quite jaunty. Lou played with a jazz band years ago. He was a fine clarinetist and dreamed of becoming a professional musician. Unfortuately, music is a precarious way of life, and as a married man, he felt he could not put his dearly beloved through it.

He thus opened a garage in Mumbles and contented himself with amateur gigs. How could he but not regret his passion, though?

With the magic of the internet, however, he will at last reach out to the world and sing to those who wish to listen.

The music during the credits is called 'Dead God' and is a Marilyn Manson song - the passion of Jean-Mi Carter who so kindly put the video together...! I hinted that he might be asked to change it as Lou was more of a jazz man, in which case, he really shouldn't be offended...


  1. Gadzooks, they are real genius the Carter Clan....John & Jean-Michel - Carter Productions BRAVO! Bravo Lou too.....nostalgic 'though. Does he take as good care of automobiles as he writes songs?

  2. I believe he did, ng. I was a dealer for various makes over the years including my favourite, Polski Fiat!


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