Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wanna see a piccie?

This afternoon I was busy working on the Promo' Arts website. I had to transfer all the photos taken on my camera onto the computer and then try and upload them to the web. From experience, I've found that creating a Powerpoint presentation and transforming that into a jpg image file works well for making a page of photos that can be viewed better when clicked.

For some reason, the four pages I did of the evening's events flatly refused to upload properly. I could not insert each photo individually into the website as it would take too much room, so eventually I came to the conclusion it would be better to start a Promo' Arts Yahoo photo album.

This I did, and of course it took a mere 10 minutes from beginning to end and I wish I'd thought of it sooner, but one lives by trial and error, so now I know...

For those interested in seeing a little snippet of the Domaine de Verchant's events facilities, or the Promo' Arts team, or people having a jolly time, you can get to it via the Promo' Arts website, and click on the link in the text.

Since the 22nd, we have received several emails thanking and congratulating us on a wonderful evening, three requests to become members by the post, cheque included, and a continuous flow of phone calls. Despite the fact that 5 of the paintings did not sell, and that others were sold way under their value, perhaps we have managed to get ourselves talked about sufficiently to enable us to make a bigger impact next time.

The people of Montpellier are notorious for not participating fully at charity evenings. We did, in fact, do very well although we could have done better if most people had given more than the 10euro minimum for a glass, if all the paintings had been sold, and if those sold had gone for a higher price 'for charity'.

Still, considering the forces against us, we managed to impress the president of the Ligue Contre le Cancer, Pr Henri Pujol, not only with our evening, but also that we will be handing over a cheque of over 9000 euros in the very near future. This was essentially made possible by the extreme generosity of those who let us have the location, wine, food, music and auctioneering for free. There seem to be two extremes working here. What we need to achieve is a general movement upwards so that the efforts of the few extremely generous are not put to shame by the laxity of most of the rest.

Our motto should become : Onwards and upwards!


  1. Here, here, milady...and we also managed to refuse political interference and showing off tooo!


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