Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back from Blighty

The best holidays are ones where you are not contacted by your work, don't have any pressing problems to come back to (that you know about), and have as little travel hassle as possible, all of which leaves you free to concentrate on the matter in hand - enjoying the freedom of being away from the daily grind.

That folks, describes me. For once!

The boys and I went up to London, raided the charity shops local to where my parents live, saw Shrek III at the cinema, and then zoomed off to Wales for beachside fun in Mumbles. It did rain quite a lot, so rather than lots of beaches, we visited castles instead - ruined ones.

It finished with the boys being met by their father in Paris, and me sauntering around the French capital all by myself (yes, I am on my todsome again) thanks to some very dear friends of NG, who kindly took me in and found me somewhere to sleep.

More anon.


  1. To paraphrase Roy Orbison:

    "Only the todsome
    Know the way I feel tonight

    Only the todsome
    Know this feelin' ain't right

    There goes my baby
    There goes my heart
    They're gone forever
    So far apart

    But only the todsome
    Know why
    I cry
    Only the todsome.

    Maybe tomorrow
    A new romance
    No more sorrow
    But that's the chance - You gotta take
    If your lonely heart breaks
    Only the todsome ..."

  2. Paris is gorgeous at the moment. perfect weather. no locals. even the pigeons are quieter. enjoy.

  3. That's cute, Colin!!

    It was lovely, Minter. I'm now back down south, but did so enjoy doing exactly as I pleased in Paris. I walked, I sat, I visited. It was sunny, warm and busy with tourists all looking happy.

  4. colinb that's a work of art from Orbison...thank you:

    Minter is right about Paris, but even all year thru there is a special "Paris-lover" way of life - inimitable and not at all "parisian"!!

    Glad you are home, gaadzooks Sarah, life down in our village was not the same without you and the boys! Even my little dog felt depressed!!

    And so pleased you liked Paris in this time of year. Flaner was a word invented for visiting at the moment, the right places at the right time in the right way!!!

    Welcome home dear,

  5. Mumbles? That's not Blighty.
    That's Bwllightygogogoch.

    Thanks for the appreciative comment,ng. Bit of a long shot there, but seems I might not have been too far off the mark.

    Musn't stick my nose into other people's business, of course.

    So has "ado" finally packed her bags, then ? Ooops, it just slipped out.

  6. Thanks, ng! It's good to be home too!!

    Colin, l'ado was sent home in disgrace in May. Her father has now taken himself off too. Hence my todsome state.

  7. hohoho, I thought Colin's ode was becoz od his nibs departure...and loved it I di, very heartwarming and "sensible".

    Of course Colin you did not know that RA had been sent away in disgrace after even more appalling behaviour - but obviously this is somewhat of a habit with these folks......ouuuuuups that slipped out too!!!

    Anyway Sarah is blooming, active as a honey bee, and had super hols, but we are all jolly glad to have her back.....she's the cob of our wheel down here!!!!

    Welcome home again budding writer!!


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