Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fleas on Hot Plates

There's a certain amount of jumping around like a flea on a hot plate chez moi this evening.

My eldest is desperate for tomorrow to arrive because it's his birthday. He'll be 11. He knows what his present will be because it's the only one he's getting and he's been campaigning to have it for weeks - a Nintendo DS Lite. Plus a game, of course - Mario Karting. Luckily the whole family is participating in this purchase (especially just after La Rentrée which also cost an arm and a leg) because my visa card nearly had heart failure when it had to pay for it yesterday.

I went into the little games boutique in Carrouf and told the odd looking guy that I was buying it for my son, not for me. I seemed strangely out of place in that emporium dominated by young men. I also misplaced my phone and started rummaging in my bag at the till with a look of panic on my face. Thirty seconds earlier I'd had it in my hand and now it had disappeared into thin air! One of the odd young men came to my rescue by offering to ring the number for me. Luckily my phone was charged and on, and I knew the number - no mean feat. He dialled it up and my phone rang from inside the outside pocket where it had no right to be. Odd he might have looked, but he was my knight in shining armour for all of 5 minutes.

I'm jumping around because I just printed my book - all 403 pages, including Acknowledgements and Table of Contents - for NG to get her teeth into having finished this round of modifications. Actually I feel at a bit of a loose end. It's only 9pm and I'm not snucking down to work, so I can actually choose what I want to do!

The cat has been leaping around too, but that's because either he's got fleas or it's a full moon. I'm putting my money on the new moon as I treat him for fleas once a month.

The only member of the household not hyper about anything is my youngest, which makes a change...

He's just lost another tooth. Guess who hasn't a single Euro cent in her purse. I've already raided the kitty, my youngest raided his money box at the weekend to buy sweets, and I'm debating whether to disturb my eldest, in bed, to beg borrow or steal a couple of Euros from his stash. Do you think a tooth fairy IOU would wash? Oh, desperate mothering!

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