Saturday, September 29, 2007

So you wanna lose weight?

I have blogged before about extreme methods of losing weight - can't find where though; it must have been in the pre-tagging days. It had something to do with getting divorced. At the height of my personal trauma, the good news was that I looked lovely and svelte... (There's always a bright side...)

Well, I've recently lost two kilos and I attribute that to two fairly drastic reasons:
1) no man
2) writing

As you may remember, if you are a fidèle reader of this blog, I got the old boot in the butt in July which meant I was free as of August when I came back from holiday having left the boys with their father to do as I liked. I thus cut down on aperitifs, aperitif snacks, wine with meals and food in general, being too lazy to cook full meals. One thing about guys is that they need feeding properly and since the food is there on the table, or already served onto your plate without so much as a by your leave re quantity, one tends to eat it. This means that you are probably consuming way more than you would usually, and unless you get off your backside big time and rush out to jog/cycle/exercise it all off, you're likely to see a surreptitious piling on of the pounds.

Writing is a time-consuming exercise and tends to absorb one's attention totally. With me, this meant being completely distracted and generally hopeless about everything to do with daily life, which made it even more difficult buying Rentrée stuff than usual because I was simply not concentrating!

Wishing to have as much time to write as possible made me cut down on pointless food preparation. The boys are generally happy with trashy food, the trashier the better on the whole, although there are limits... so they've been eating a lot of fresh ravioli and tomato sauce (previously homemade from garden toms), even peanut butter sarnies (!!) and omelettes. I console myself with the knowledge that they are eating a full meal at lunch time at school and don't really need the whole caboodle at supper. I certainly can not be bothered to spend hours not writing on preparing a scrumptious dinner only to be told that they are not hungry, don't like whatever meat it is, whatever veg it is, whatever whatever it is, and would rather have a peanut butter sarnie or a hot dog. Recently they've been getting the sarnie or the hot dog!

As for me, after the boys have finished (I sit and join them so we can chat - I'm not that neglectful!) I stuff a Ryvita or two with tomatoes in front of the computer and get to work.

The result is two whole kilos off - the ones I had put on over the past year, so I'm dead pleased and feeling very perky about slinking around again.

However, I'm sure there must be easier ways!


  1. Going to send you to a friend of mine's blog in the US. Joe Jaffe has been chronicling his weight loss on line as a form of public debate slash public promise slash social media. His site is among the best on what's happening in new media. The weight story has been going on for a while.

    Making a public commitment can be stimulating!

    Well done on the progress.

  2. Thanks for the link, Minter. I have to say that I'm never big at the worst of times. I in fact weigh hovering under 53kg (5'3), and had gone up to around 55kg.

    I just felt heavy. Now I feel normal again.

  3. Normal = comfortable! Good on you. I have a feisty kilo to lose... it feels like the last kilo is the hardest though! One martini less a week? :)

  4. Yeah, that should do it...!

  5. Oh. Well, I've put on a massive amount of weight (far more than 2 kilos) for the following reasons:

    1) no man
    2) writing (i.e. plonked in front of a computer)

    It's just not fair...:-(

  6. Gigi, you need to get TOTALLY absorbed by what you are doing. That overrides the desire to eat so you eat less because you want to get back to what you are writing.


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