Sunday, November 18, 2007


You'll all be delighted to know, I'm sure, that I've found my MP3 player. Oh frabjous day, calloo, callay!!!

Where was it? Er, it was in the pocket of one of my jackets - one, I hasten to add, that I don't wear very often. So now I have both charger and player, and I have been busily charging it up for my next foray around the supermarket.

Yesterday's shopping was quite ghastly as I had both boys. The Christmas decorations and toys are all out at Carrouf now, and getting past those aisles right next to the entrance proved to be tricky. Compounding the problem was that we had to buy a birthday present for a pal of my eldest so were obliged to spend a certain amount of time browsing the acres of possibilities. In fact, it wasn't too hard, as most items were way to pricey and narrowing it down to the absolute top limit of 10Eur meant a nice Lego box of fighting figures was just about the only option.

Next stop, the wine section and a much-needed white wine box - Picpoul de Pinet! I need to stock up on cognac or calvados too after last week's emotional traumas but I couldn't drum up the financial reserves to treat myself to a bottle. Next time I'm ill I'll convince myself it's for medicinal purposes and get one anyway...

My youngest and I spent the afternoon at the beach while my eldest zapped away at his friends at the birthday treat LazerGame. He took a bucket and spade, didn't wear his new shoes bought that morning, and in 9°C sat on the wet sand having a lovely time. I insisted on going for a walk which he used to make pointless collections of shells, running away from the pathetic tide, and of course, getting caught. His old shoes now thoroughly soaked, we headed back, diverted via the sand dunes which he used as launching pads to throw himself off onto the soft dry sand below.

You will not be surprised to learn that he was a very tired boy that evening, and ate a hearty supper of pancakes before procrastinating his way to bed.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm an out-of-season beach person. Having not set foot there all summer, I've been at least five times within the space of a month!

Yesterday's lunch: I mention this as I made an effort (for once on a Saturday). I bought a roll of pastry and made a quiche. I had the end of a packet of spinach leaves, so spread mustard on the bottom of the pastry, fried a sweet onion gently until soft, added the spinach leaves until sweated and chucked them into the pastry. I beat four or so eggs, added a good dose of 15% cream, fines herbs and poured the mixture over the spinach and onion, baking it for half an hour-ish. I made it for me, needless to say, and it was delicious! The boys had hot dogs... (*sigh*) followed by blackcurrant jelly (made entirely by my youngest).


  1. Please get cracking on another quiche immediately: I'll be over in an hour.

    I'll bring the scones & dainty buns I've baked for my work party on Tuesday...

  2. Great idea! Let's scoff the lot!


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