Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am thanking my lucky stars I don't live anywhere near Paris, do not have to travel on public transport and have a very low key life going nowhere. Why? The French are on strike again, that's why.

We have been sent warnings at work from our travel agents about the dire level of available trains etc. - not just the TGV but the RER and metro if you do actually make it to the capital. The advice is 'Do Not Travel' which I'm quite happy to follow. I don't anyway, so it's no hardship!

Next week however, is another matter. The teachers are striking, again. I actually got a piece of paper from my eldest about it. There are three issues. The first is the cutting of jobs making classrooms bigger (up to 30 14-yr old pupils - eek!) and getting teachers to work more. The second is the salary structure which is dismally low and has not kept in line with inflation, they say. The third is their desire to remain fonctionnaires. I didn't know this was an issue, but I gather they might be put under local authority control rather than state control and this they do not want. They say they would be at the mercy of political wranglings, but they are anyway, just national ones instead of local ones.

What it means is that my son is campaigning to stay home next Tuesday although he seems to have some lessons assured. He tells me this on his way to bed of course, already late. My two are expert procrastinators when it comes to bedtime, getting ready for school, going out shopping, you name it. I told him I didn't want to know but would talk about it tomorrow. Otherwise we'd have been there for another half an hour as he wove his way around what he could and couldn't do...!

I've never been on strike in my life. Am I missing out?


  1. Well, I'm forced to go on strike next Tuesday because the school I work at (as a Teaching Assistant) is closed.

    I'm quite happy because it means I can have a lie-in and I can spend the day preparing my evening classes instead of doing it all at the week-end.

    Oh, yes, and writing my book. Only 32 chapters to go.

    Have you sent your manuscript out yet?

  2. It's being reviewed by Hope, Gigi. I've also joined WriteWords chick lit group but am too terrified for the moment to upload anything.

    I've lost momentum on it, and have retired to paralysis. Not helped by my various comings and goings. Men, they're so damned distracting!!!

    32 chapters to go? Cool, nearly there then!

  3. Ooh, did I hear my name?! I've been a bit distracted lately but I'll get back to you soon.
    Interesting, the reasons your son's teachers give. I thought it was 'just' about spending power.

    (and PS you must upload on ww - they are very good and supportive and you can chose the level of crit desired)

  4. Thanks, Hope!
    Actually, what is also paralysing me is that I can only upload so many pages, which is usually less than a chapter. So, it seems weird uploading half a chapter, and a bit bitty, so I don't know what to do...

    I'm waiting for an answer to fall into my brain from somewhere. It's taking it's time to work things out this time - obviously too much MALE interference!

    The darlings...


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